Newbie on guai needs help DESPERATELY

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by uneedaklu, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. uneedaklu

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    Hi, all -

    I'm new to the board, but was dx'd in Oct '99. Tried the standard antidepressant/muscle relaxer stuff for about 8 months, decided it wasn't for me (too many side effects and too little improvement) and went on my merry way to treating myself with exercise and supplements. Worked pretty well for a while, with minor flares once a month or so and major flares maybe 2x a year.

    Flash forward to this past fall. I'm also a singer, and am having problems with nodes and polyps on my vocal cords. My ENT put me on guai right before Xmas to help keep my tissues lubricated. I had read previously about the guai protocol, so it was in the back of my mind - the twist is that I started out on what turns out to be some people's maximum dose - 2400 mg/day.

    Needless to say, I'm cycling BIG TIME and am in an incredible amount of pain. I've had 3 massages and covered myself with heat for 4 out of the last 5 days, but I'm seriously afraid I'm going to lose my mind because nothing is working for much more than 3 or 4 hours. I think I've gotten about 12 hours of sleep in the last week, which of course is just compounding everything. My primary doc isn't very receptive to the idea of pain meds, and frankly, I try to avoid them as much as I can. And I can't get in to the see the fibro doc for another 3 weeks.

    If anyone has any ideas at all about pain management for me to get through this cycling period, I'll be eternally grateful.

    Thx in advance - and I plan to stick around for a while after I get through this!
  2. Rayleen

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    Hi. I am new to this board and have just begun using guai. I know this sounds obvious but I think you are on too much guai too fast too soon.
  3. Shirl

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    Hi, welcome to our world. I can't help with the Guai, but we have many members who are on this treatment, especially our other moderator, Mikie. She will be here Monday.

    Sorry you are having problems, I know the pain! I also take supplements, and have been doing quite well on them.

    I would not recommend anything since you are on Guai, as there is just so much that is not allowed! Hopefully someone else is here tonight to share with you.

    Oh yes, I do use a 'wireless heating mattress pad' which is the greatest for pain and the stiffness. You can get them from Sear's, Penny's and Spiegel's online.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I do so hope you find some relief soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Mikie

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    First, this is waaaaaay too much Guai to start out on. Cut back to 600 mgs. a day, 300 in the morning and 300 in the evening and stay on this for at least two weeks. Hopefully, your excess pain will subside and you will be able to figure out whether this will work for you or whether you need to increase it.

    Have you read the book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA?" If not, you definitely need to read it, understand it, and follow the protocol. Have you eliminated the sals from your regimen?

    The problem is that 2400 mgs. is the usual dose for people with chronic problems with mucus in the body. It will thin the mucus but will usually not have an effect on FMS unless the sals are eliminated; however, we are all different in how sals affect the Guai. Docs who don't understand Dr. St. Amand's protocol will often overprescribe the Guai because they are used to prescribing 2400 mgs.

    Love, Mikie