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    I have not yet seen a Dr to be diagnosed with CFS, but I am wondering if I have it. All my symptoms started after I had surgery to have my gall bladder removed 6 months ago. I feel like I never came right after the operation and my Dr was baffled. Here is my story. I would like to know your opinions on whether this could be CFS.

    For 4 months after the surgery I had diarrhea. I woke most mornings feeling ill. By lunchtime I would start to feel better. Some days I had dizzy spells. a few nights I was woken at 2am with a dizzy spell. some nights I would have tingling in my legs, night sweats. I lost my apetite, I didn't seem to feel hunger. I lost 16kgs in 4 months. My GP did alot of blood/stool tests and all came back OK. I have always had a low iron count and so am back on iron to boost this.

    2 months ago I seemed to come right. I stopped loosing weight, The diarrhea stopped, I started to wake in the mornings feeling OK, not ill. How exciting....

    However, I now have different symptoms. Some weeks I have constipation. I could say I am "tired" - I find this really hard because I have a large family so am always busy busy, so yeah, I think I live with tiredness and fatigue but don't realise it. Recently however, I found that I can go up town to do chores/shopping and by the time I get home at lunchtime I am exhausted. Most nights I notice that as the evening goes I feel like my head is becoming very heavy - almost like a dead-weight on it and then it becomes very woozy. If I don't see the signs and go to bed then it suddenly becomes exhaustion and I feel awful.

    Some days I feel normal. But then the next day I can feel awful and my head feels very very woozy - almost dizzy but not quite.

    If I get tired I can sometimes feel like I'm getting the flu - my body starts to feel sick and yet the next day I am fine.

    Some nights I feel like my sleep is not deep enough. Almost like I was half awake all night....that was how I felt last night and I woke this morning feeling like I have a brick in my head and I feel dog-tired. ( I usually sleep at least 8hrs per night).

    I have found that I am prone to anxiety. I can go out and suddenly panic that I will feel dizzy or ill and "what will I do?" I have tried talking to myself to calm myself down, but I still hate feeling this way.

    I have never been back to the Dr with the latest symptoms because I feel like a hypercondriact. I have never linked these symptoms together before, I've always seen them as "stand alone" and felt like I just never came right after the surgery.

    I recently said to my dh "if I die, you know that I knew that there was something wrong with me"

    I figure that if I said that to my dh then there MUST be something wrong with me - it can't be in my head! Just this weekend I was listening to a friend describe how he felt, he has just be diagnosed with CFS and some lights came on in my head and I have started the search to see if this is what I have.

    I notice that there are the main symptoms list that you have to have 4 symptoms of. I can say that I don't have 4 symptoms off that list. I don't have muscle aches, I don't have a sore throat, I don't have CONSTANT exhaustion...I seem to have more off the "other symptoms" list.

    Please tell me what you think

  2. Bethechange

    Bethechange New Member help! Don't let a fear of what a doctor will think of you stop you from seeking the help you need. Only you know your body better then anyone, so if you feel like something isn't right....then something isn't right. There is a wealth of information on this site, search for your symptoms, do research when you can, and keep an open mind. I will be the first to admit that I could have convinced myself that I had many different diseases because there is SO much information on the internet. Just sift through, keep a journal of your symptoms, call your doctor and make an appointment. If your doctor dismisses you and says it is all in your head, then you need to seek out another doctor. Good luck to you and keep us posted.
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    bumping hoping for some more opinions
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    ask him to do more tests on you It sounds like M.e but the problem is you will be moved form doctor to doctor tests and more tests to rule out other ilnesses but just be careful as depression might catch up with you as you get fed up fighting with doctors as they dont believe you I had to cange my gp because of this!!!!
    so if I was you I would

    1. go back and insist for more tests tell him/her you want all the basic bloods taken and ask to see other consultants if needed and perhaps an antidepressesnt might be a good idea of course that is up to you.

    2.start taking probiotics they will help your immune system

    we know it is not in your head so ignore these words if anyone makes these comments I had a few doctors tell me this and to pull myself together.
    there is help here so stick around so get on that phone and call your surgery for an appointment and dont take their crap you have friends on here who care


    keep us posted x
  5. LouiseK

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    This diagnosis is a long road. I was so freaked out when I got sick that I forgot to try to heal myself. I would say that the most important thing you can do now is listen very closely to your body. Do what it tells you to do. With sleep; with food; in all ways.

    I have read that those who act fast and effectively with these illnesses can create a better outcome.

    It was two years before I could even figure out what was happening to me and I had pushed myself physically into a deep well.

    With all love and respect I plead with you not to do that. Don't forget that too much researching and asking for doctors to help you and all that becomes very emotionally and physically draining as well.

    On some level the "diganosis" is relieving and can help down the road with the disability insurance or whatnot but
    the most important thing is to not get sicker.

    Blessings and best of luck. This board is great, indeed. Has saved my spirits so often. Yet, even here, one can become overwhelmed with remedies and stories and things to try.

    Try good sleep, good food, basic supplements, and add rest periods and time alone (sounds like you are part of a large groups of people and when people have these conditions they need solitude and quiet) Not too much electronic stimulation from the tv and computer. You can sort out all the extra supplements and treatments later. Don't delay with the basics.

    It sounds like you have a husband you can talk to -- get him to help you as much as he can for a while. You need rest.
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    It sounds like you have been nutritionally depleted and that is how this disease starts. Eliminate all unhealthy food from your diet and start eating lots of vegetables. A good vitamin and mineral supplement with amino acids is Dr. Teitelbaum's Daily Energy Enfusion powder. I think you can find it in alot of health food stores. It also goes by the name of Fatigued to Fantastic.

    Spend alot of time here and you will find the best things for you to do. My blood tests were always normal for 4 years even though I was lying in bed feeling like I was dying so don't wait around for some doctor to tell you what to do. They can only prescribe drugs; they can't tell you what to do that will improve your body's nutritional standing, which is exactly what you need. So while you're seeing a doctor, make sure you are looking up what to do on the net, too. If everyone was healthy, they wouldn't make any money. So they treat symptoms rather than get you really well.

    good luck!


    check out my "what worked for me" for more detail. I'm kicking cfs's butt. Warning: it's rather long and complex, on page 3. Maybe just start with the diet recommendations at least rather than worrying about all the supplements.

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