Newbie Questions about CFS and DPU..etc.

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    I don't really know how long I have had CFS. I remember suspecting it a long time ago. Then I got divorced and every time I went to the doctor he brushed my fatigue off as depression from the divorce even though I was happier than I ever was in my marriage (hence the divorce, which was my choice).

    Anyway, I also have hypothyroidism since I was about 23, polycystic ovary Syndrome, and I have suffered intermittently from DPU aka Delayed Pressure Urticaria, which is also an autoimmune issue. I have had allergies my whole life, and I was wondering if anyone had heard of these things being tied together.

    I am scheduled to see a Rheumatologist for the first time this month. My doctor finally thinks I have CFS, and my bloodwork came back with a positive rheumatoid factor and a low positive lupus factor. I have no rash on my it possible to have lupus with no rash? I know the low positive doesn't necessarily mean I have lupus, but I am curious. I don't see the doctor until Oct. 31, so I am anticipating it impatiently.

    Also, my PCP noted that I have had mono before, which I had been unaware of, and I wonder why he mentioned that.

    Anyone with insight or experience? I thought dealing with PCOS and hypothyroid was enough to deal with. I am a 28yo Female. (stb 29) I have been gaining weight due to hormone issues with the PCOS and thyroid, not to mention the fatigue robbing me of energy for keeping active. I was once a marathon runner and was in prime physical shape. It is hard to cope with this kind of existence. Any support is welcome and appreciated.
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    When I first got sick I was told I had mono no symptoms and depression. This went on for a while I have family history of lupus I had lots of labs drawn which could of been lupus but due to all the viruses in my body my two doctors decided it was CFS. My cousins have no rash and they have lupus in the worst way and my labs still could be lupus. But as long as my doctors keep their eyes on this and understand me I trust them. (and there are very few doctors I trust)
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    I totally know what you mean about trusting doctors. I have been to several and each one is different. I never know what to expect. Some tell me nothing is wrong...just go to counseling and get out and exercise.

    Thanks for your input. I am really curious about what is going on with my body, and it helps to talk with other people who have experiences they can share.
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    Wow, you have been giving a double dose of "sick and tired".

    I think it is good to see a Rd. soon.With having both positive reactions for RA and Lupus you need to get this looked at throughly.

    You don't have to have the "butterfly rash" to have Lupus.I pray you don't have either.

    Can you explain DPU?

    Keep us posted.

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    I have never met anyone who has ever had DPU besides myself. I get horrible cases of hives from odd things. If I take ibuprofen I will break out in huge red hives that last up to 10 months...

    Then came the DPU. DPU is similar to regular hives, but the odd thing is the hives pop up only where pressure has been applied to the skin. This is the "Delayed Pressure" part. This comes and goes and no medicine seems to completely cure it for me. An example of a day with DPU would include getting hives on my waist line from my jeans, on my feet from my shoes, and on my hands from doing work like pruning, sweeping, mowing the lawn. I am not currently suffering from DPU, thank God, but when I have it, it is awful.

    From what I have read, DPU is a hypersensitivity of the autoimmune system. When the body gets a cut or scratch it releases histamine to the cut or scratch to help heal it, and the histamine causes the itching we feel when we heal.
    With DPU, the body is overreacting to pressure applied to the thinks this light amount of pressure is an injury that it needs to heal, so it sends massive amounts of histamine to the areas that had pressure on them in and effort to "heal" a non existent problem. The result is lots of red swelling and itching. This is actually different from allergic hives, which I have also experienced. They feel the same, but the science of them is different. I have tried every medicine in the world as the DPU has lasted for months at a time. Nothing provides 100% relief...I have tried everything from benadryl, to gout drugs (my immunologist's suggestion), to antibiotics, to steroids.
    Of course, since not many people know about this, people around me say...oh, that is a heat rash, or you're probably allergic to your detergent. It's too complicated to explain the whole thing to everyone, so people go around thinking you are just whiney over a little skin rash.
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