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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Zer0, Oct 4, 2006.

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    It seems like fibromyalgia is effecting more and more people, is this a good indicator it's brought by modern day environments? Do existing tribespeople, etc., in places that are isolated from modern society get it...(if it's even possible to really study that)

    Does FM often gradually get worse for the individual that has it? Assuming nothing is done to either highten or decrease the occurence of symptoms. Is it neccesarily degenerative like that?

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    bump for answers for ZerO
  3. Redwillow

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    Hi Zero

    What interesting questions. I don't know the answer but am bumping this hoping someone here does. There is an amazing group of people here with data on all kinds of questions so don't give up hope.

    hugs Marion
  4. suz45

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    welcome to our site Zero...

    I think that FM like haleycoel mentioned it has just been called other names throughout the ages. I also belive that when professionals cannot find a "one size fits all" answer much diasagreement comes into play over what is really happening in our bodies.

    I can only speak for myself, however I believe that the FM
    wax and wanes. (like the moon, only kidding). I have been through failry long periods where my symptoms are quite manageable on my own and than usually some stressor is introduced, either external or internal or both and don't you know it I'm back in a flare and usually back in the doctors office. I then usually recognize that in some way I have not taken care of me.... Yes maybe I have been working, running a house, and taking care of others but I put myself and the small yet neccessary things I know I must do to avoid problems on the back burner.

    After this most recent flare whicha started in late August with a mild back injury, it sent me into a flare which at first I tried to ignore. No go... Within a week I was in the doctors office back on meds (short term only) and have been seeing my chiroprator weekly for over a month. I am fianlly coming out of the flare and will try to learn from the pain flare cycle that gets created. It also helps that my chiro talked with me about it during an appt. He could see what had been happening and new just by my trigger points that I was flaring.

    It is not degenerative in the sense of harm, if you have MPS as well the knots can become more frequent and painful without proper care. Hopefully you are reading up in the library.

    Also another good book is by Devin Starnyl, she has FMS and MPS and is a physician as well. Good book with lots of useful information and coping techniques.

    keep posting many good people here to help.

  5. suz45

    suz45 New Member

    Crazy as it sounds you and I share the same b-day just one year apart. Here's the crazier part I have a sister whos name is Laura and was born on Aug 5, 1962. We are as they say Irish twins... World is an interesting place.


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