Newbie seeking inf. on OK disability claims..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by curious74432, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. curious74432

    curious74432 New Member

    Hi I am new here. I applied once for SS disability and was denied. I am reapplying and using Allsup and wondered if any of you live in OK and had been granted SS disability and how difficult the fight was for you? This is a great site and full of information. I am glad I found it!
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    Hi there! Welcome to the board! I'm Erika from TX, but I grew up in Edmond, OK. You all are getting some really chilly weather and some snow too from what I understand. I apologize because I'm pooped right now, so I hope I sound at least somewhat articulate.

    Your pic looks great! I'm sorry you got turned down for SSD, but I hear that's par for the course for anyone who applies. So annoying isn't it?? My sister who is disabled and lives in OK had to apply 3 times before getting benefits. She ended up getting an SSD lawyer and that was really helpful. You might want to think about doing that.

    One other idea as far as this message board is concerned: if you retitle your post and say that you are new to the board and are introducing yourself, you'll get even more replies and ideas. People here love to welcome new folks. So glad you found us and look forward to seeing you!!

    Warm hugs, Erika :)
  3. curious74432

    curious74432 New Member

    Hi Erika a.k.a. zenouchy,

    Thank you for the nice reply and advice. I will re-post using a Newbie headline. I am new to OK and have not been to Edmond yet. I lived in Alvin, TX for 2 years and got hooked on the West vs. the East. I was from NC prior to TX via way of several southern states and Germany. I am an Army Brat.

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2002 and other problems prior to that. It sounds as though you have developed many good coping techniques and I am glad for you. I basically deal with it and take something for pain if it gets too bad.

    It is snowing here and we had sleet and freezing rain but not as much as many other places..we got lucky this time. I did not like the idea of being without power.

    Take care and stay warm!
    Warm hugs to you too,
    Brenda aka curious74432

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