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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by huckee, Sep 20, 2005.

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    I was diagnosed with FMS about a year ago. I continue to find something new daily that I thought was one of my pain or mental quirks that is actually a symptom of FMS or CFS. I've been reading all the posts and it is just overwhelming what we have been made to endure, and/or thought was normal. I have an extreme problem with Postexertional "whatever it's called" and apparently cognitive problems as well. I decided to go into business for myself as a Virtual Assistant so I would have the flexibility I needed when I have "down time". In launching of my business I have found increasing difficulties with cognitive issues. I have been tossing around the disability issue but feel guilty. It is very hard to justify "today is a good day" but tommorrow may not. I've always been an overachiever followed by an emotional crash. I'm so confused now as what to do next. I am so tired of being tired and feeling like ****. I am taking Celexa for depression, Clonazepam for restless leg syn. and Flexril for muscle spasms, not to mention a multitude of vitamin and mineral supplements. My PMD just rx'd Halcion for sleep. Has anyone had experience with that. I think I've tried everything else that is out there. I seem to build up a tolerance of whatever drug it is after awhile and it is no longer effective. Does anyone else have that problem?
    I was very glad to find this site. Thank you's to all for sharing.
  2. huckee

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    I'm also taking that but only 500mg. Do you know of anyside effects? If not maybe I'll try to bump up the dosage. I swear, I can hardly even spell anymore!
    Thanks for your input!

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