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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by craziC, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. craziC

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm usually on the CFS/FM and Chit Chat boards. I'm doing some research on TF but have some questions. When beginning TF does one stop all other medications?? Are there any foods, etc. that one should avoid while on TF? When is the best time to begin TF?

    I'm also concerned about herxing as I still work full time and can't miss any work. Is anyone still working while taking TF? Are there certain brands that are better than others?

    Sorry so many questions but I'm thinking I might give this a try! Thanks for any/all replies.

    Hugs & Health,
  2. Mikie

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    I think it is counterproductive to take anything else which kills pathogens because it may keep the TF's from causing the immune response which trains the immune system.

    In the beginning, the immune response can cause swelling, fatigue and flu-like symptoms. It took me a month just to be able to abide a whole capsule. Many are very sensitive to the immune response. When the immune system finally goes on a killing spree, the Herx sets in and can make one feel worse.

    I don't work, but I think I would have a hard time working and taking the TF's. Everyone is different, but if I were to start them, I would want to be sure I had a few days to see how I would be affected. I didn't have an immune response for a couple of days after starting them.

    I've not tried any other TF's except the TF C and TF 200 sold here because I know how high ProHealth's standards are.

    No one has posted here in days, so I don't know if you will get many responses. I hope you do.

    Best of luck.

    Love, Mikie
  3. spacee

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    I read that is a good thing to do if it makes you feel I would just start that way. Also, you might start on the weekend and take 1/2 a capsule. Immune Transfer C is suppose to be dissolved under the tongue but I have never read how the others are to be taken. In the beginning I didn't know and I just swallowed it and it seemed to still work.

    I have never read that foods interfere with TF's.

    I had an immune response at the beginning which wasn't too bad...aching lymph nodes. I never have herxed. I don't know why but it probably explains why my EBV titer has not gone down. I think you need to herx to kill the beasties.
    But I feel MUCH better and I think TF's are WONDERFUL.

    My sis who does not have CFS, tried the TF Essentials. She never got sick while she was taking them. She did get the flu one year even after having a flu shot.

    Hope that helps some....

  4. craziC

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    Thanks for the responses so far. As soon as I have some extra $$ I think I'm going to start TF. Anything is better than where I'm at now physically.

    Hugs & Health,
  5. Shebee

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    I just started on transfer factor, too. At night my eyes swell. I have been so sick for a week now. Today is the first day that I feel better...which was a good thing. I had to go back to work. I did not do so well, but everyone was nice to me and let me slide. Tonight I am suppose to up my dose. I am soooooooo tired!

    I did not know to put it under your tongue; I just swallow the cap. I'll try that next week, if I am feeling better.

    My doc started me on b-12. There is a new product out that you put up your nose instead of doing shots. It has very few sides. Hopefully, that will up my energy.

    Best wishes ....
  6. spacee

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    If you are feeling too poorly, you might want to back down a little.

    My sis did the nasal B-12 and it did improve her B-12 labs. So it worked for her and she liked it alot over those needles..ugh! I did the concentrated shots three times a week for years but I have had a really bad case of CFS. They really helped me along with kutapressin (which is no longer made).

    Good Luck!

  7. happygranny

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    I am taking the ProHealth TF200, and the instructions on the bottle say to take the capsule in the morning on an empty stomach, with water. Now I am reading about some people taking it at night. I will email ProHealth and quiry that.

    The first two days, in which I took half a capsule after reading Mikie's experience, I felt quite good, high energy.

    Then I started feeling worse, late in the afternoon and evening. Didn't move off the couch much at all. Still feeling that way today.

    I was never tested for HHV6,A&B, or CMV , just hoping taking this for a while might help my body fight all that ails me. Maybe it is my imagination, but the raw spots on the lining of my mouth seems to have improved.


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  8. craziC

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    I'm still considering starting Transfer Factor. I'm doing A LOT of research into TF and Guai. Can't figure out which route to go. I like the idea of TF because you really don't have to eliminate anything from my diet like you do with Guai.

    I know I have to have my doc wean me off all my meds which will take some time. I just think that I'm putting more toxins into my body by taking 5 different rx'd meds.

    What are your experiences with weening off prescribed meds and starting TF. I figured I'm already spending around $100 a month on my meds and TF would be cheaper.

    Thanks for sharing your stories with me. I'm VERY interested in this.
    Hugs & Health,