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    I was recently diagnosed with fibro, I have has symptoms for years but had a "fast food" doctor who kept telling me I was depressed and sent me on my way. I recently switched docs and she sent me to an arthritis specialist to rule out lupus and rheumatiod and he diagnosed me.

    I have sat here reading posts and crying for a few nights now. The relief of seeing other people with the same symptoms and knowing I am not crazy.

    Anyway, my question was about the meds he put me on. I am on trazodone at night and bextra during the day. I have not seen posts for either of these and am wondering about them. Also am wondering what herbals are out there that might help.

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    Hi, I too take Bextra. I have been on it for about a month and 1/2. It is the only anti-inflamatory that I am able to take that does not upset my stomache. I am not sure if I am getting any relief from it, but as long as I can take it, I will continue to do so. I used to take trazadone. It really helped me sleep, but my rhuemy switched to a different medication on me. I am not sure why. The trazadone is also a mild antidepressant. I really liked it, and felt that it was a big help to me.
    Hope this helps some.
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    ...about your "fast food" doctor description! LOL Unfortunately, there are waaaaay too many of those out there.

    Welcome to the board, and all the best in your quest for better health! :)

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