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    Hello, my name is Crystal and I have just been diagnosed with lyme. We don't know when I got bit, but we do know that I am very sick. I was on doxycycline for 21 days and that was it. I got tomorrow to the FNP that diagnosed me. I do know that she is not doing enough for me. She has also diagnosed me with magraines. I am having serve pain in my joints today. Is this normal? Also I am forgeting simple stuff like spelling simple words. I am really terrified because I don't know what to expect and I have a LOT of people who think they know what is best and what to do. I am about to loose my mind. On top of that, I have problems with my old church and my soon to be ex, that the stress is making me servely sick. I need someone to talk to. Everyone here is too close to the situation.
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    Hi there
    I have been sick for four+ years. I was just diagonsed in april of this year.I am learning as much as I can about this dredful disease. One thing I can tell you is that I was considered for some awaful and fatal diseases. I spent one week in the cardio unit then came the fatal puminary hypertension tests, the bells pasley and the last but not least MS. So all along it was lymes and lymes is something I can live with. Not comfortablly but alive and kicking.I can tell you this you must get beyond the stress/ drama and concentrate on your health. If people around you are not going to cut you a break than you have to cut yourself one. Prayer /meditation can really help.My closes friends were asking each other "why dosent she just get up and move around" I couldnt. They still love me and rattle thier crib when I need to be quiet. They will never understand what its like to have lymes. As far as your symptoms unfortunatly they are a part of advanced lymes. They eased up for me. I relaspe from time to time but take full advantage of the times when I feel good. I hope and pray to be back to normal some day. I dont ask God to heal me I ask him to help me realise how bueatiful and blessed I am. I think we need to pratice being happy well or not. I hope this has helped you. Be strong and take care of you.
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    Three weeks is not enought to treat lyme, but you know that already. Severe joint pain is a symptom of chronic lyme which it appears you have. Migraines are also a symptom of lyme. Stress aggravates lyme. You poor girl!!

    You need to find a doctor who knows how to treat lyme. That is very important. Look at the post that Victoria posted on how to find a llmd.

    Good luck

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    You can also go to LymeNet and go to their Flash Discussion section, then click on "seeking doctors" and post your location and how far you are willing to travel. (LLMD's are few and far between, and you may have to go a long way) That is a very, very active board, and you should get info quickly there on how to find a doc who knows what he/she is doing.