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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kettle, Nov 12, 2005.

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    Hi I'm a newbie to the board, and just need to clear something up. Is this a board for putting forward products, or is it a support group, independant of any company etc? I'm not being sarcastic or anything, I just want to know. I'm not being rude, and I sure DONT MEAN TO OFFEND - I just want to know. The reason being I saw quite a few subject headings for different meds, and avoided them, but then I jumped into one I thought wouldn't be pushing a drug, and bingo, there it was, this huge rap for a certain product. Yes, I know, I've already offended someone (humble and many apologies)but I think I'd better get this sorted before I go on, don't you? Regards, Kettle.
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    ....and welcome to the board! This board is a support group and so much more to everyone here. You can come here with ?'s, problems, advice for others, just to chat with people who understand what you are going through, and a lot of other reasons.

    You will see a lot of product (perscription medications, supplements, alternative therapies) discussed on this board. The plain and simple reason is that this DD is so extremely difficult to treat when someone finds something that helps them they let people know. If you want to try it do, if not don't. We also let people know what doesn't work for us.

    That being said something that helps me may not do a thing for you. This DD is such a guessing game trying to 1st, just getting your doctor/spouse/friends/co-workers/family to believe that the disease exists, and second, figuring out how and why this disease has decided to attack your body. This DD and it's symptoms are caused by such a broad range of hormonal/vitamin/anti-viral infections & defieciencies (again some are similar to most, but can vary broadly for each person).

    A lot of times people will come here with ?'s about new scripts they are on. Is anyone else taking it now or in the past? Are their side effects normal, etc? Then you will have others post about a wonderful treatment that has helped them. Everyone is different, but I know I like having a place where I can come and be nearly 100% sure someone has researched or tried a medication I'm on and get more info on it. I also love getting tips for natural home things to try.

    A lot of times I don't read all of these types of posts, because they may not apply or I may simply not be interested in the discussion about that particular topic. No specific companies are ever pushed. If you ask someone where they got something they will tell you. This site does have it's own store. I personally have never used any of their products.

    Enjoy the board, get to know everyone. You'll find a VERY supporting, caring, sympathetic and helpful bunch here!

    Welcome Again & Hugs,

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