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    Hi everyone I am a newbie, my name is Sherry and I am a 36 yr old married mom of 3 ages 15,12 and 1. I was just diagnosed with FM 3 months ago after suffering for what seems like eternity. My problem is the rheumatologist who diagnosed me is so rude I finally fired him. My primary care Dr seems terrified to treat me especially when I am in a flare and need pain med's to help me. I don’t know where to turn, I work in an office of about 400 people and 50 of those have been diagnosed within the last yr or so with this. Some have told me to try acupuncture others have said to try chiropractors still others are suffering like me without finding a good Dr that will treat them with a little dignity and not like we are drug fiends. If there is anyone on here from Tulsa Ok and can direct me to a good Dr please do. I need all the advice that I can get.

    Just sign me scared and alone
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    CAn you ask some of the others you know who their doctor is. The ones that feel they have good ones, that is.

    Or you can click on the tab Doctor Referrel to see if their are any doctors in your area listed on this website.

    Have you asked your primary care doctor is he knows someone to refer you to?

    I have heard of others doing telephone calls to the doctors office to see if they treat people with fibromyalgia.

    I am sorry that you have this too. Seems like a lot of people in your company have it.

    I hope you find a doctor soon, this is scary to me too sometimes. I always had the attitude "work through it and get to the other side and it will be ok" you know sort of set goals and achieve them.

    Well, this doesn't go away, so its different. But I have learned it is not the same all the time. Sometimes are better.
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    Hi, momw3girls! Welcome here! I really just wanted to welcome you to the group. I can't add much as I think you got good advice from tngirl.

    I'm in Virginia, so can't help you much with the doc problems. I'm being treated for FMS by my family doc. Never did see a rheumy and never was advised to see one.

    Seems like I saw just about everyone else, though. ;-|

    Take care and hope you find a good doc soon.