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    I'm a newbie to this site, but certainly not a newbie to FM. I've been diagnosed for 2 years, but the symptoms go back a few years further. Since I've been dx I haven't really changed my lifestyle all that much. I had to try to find a dr I liked, a massage therapist I liked... and that was pretty much it. I took some meds, but low dosages, and mostly just to sleep. There were definitely flares. But I could usually push through them. Until this year. This last flare has lasted for 2 months. I'm just so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I'm 25, work a full time job in ministry, go to grad school, sing with a choir... and this has all caught up to me. I think I've been having a prettly long pitty party for myself. I want to get out of this blah state... I just don't know how. My dr. keeps putting me on more rx's. But I am only 25--I don't want to take 8 pills a day! Just wondering if there's other 20 somethings out there...

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    I'm 28, so I understand you being sick of this all. I have more CFS than Fibro, but you will get plenty of support here.