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    I am newly diagnosed for FIBRO, but have dealt with symtoms for 5 years or more. I was prescribed Lexapro and have been on it for 3 weeks so far with no change. Have any of you had positive results with it? I also have extreme discomfort in my face. It feels like a sinus headache with pressure, but my sinuses have been checked out and they are fine. I'm just wondering if it is associated with the FIBRO. This is a great site and reading all your messages has been very helpful

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    Welcome to a wonderful place. I learn soo much from this bd. Ive never been on lexapro but have always had sinus problems and allergies and asthma etc. When Im in alot of pain, the sinus areas do seem to hurt more. I hadnt put it together. Sometimes, it seems everything is related.

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    I take Lexapro and has found it does help a little for pain.
    I like Celexa better and may be making a change over the course of the next month. I had asked my doctor for Elavil for pain and sleep and he did prescribe it.

    Regarding sinus trouble. I have CFS along with FM a and attribute that problem to the CFS. Although: I have bad allergies also, so it is a toss up.

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    I'm going to bump two threads for you which might be helpful with your face-pain issue. Several of us have experienced the same thing.

    I also had surgery to repair a deviated septum in hopes to fix the prob but the pain persisted. Have had it constantly for 15 years and it has been severely debilitating at times.

    Have also had MRIs, CT scans, and EEGs - all normal. But have treated it like a sinus prob anyway.

    SOOOO, I finally found the answer on this board.

    One - I have TMJ which you might want to look into as many FM people have it. It can cause pain in your face and jaw.

    Two - Occipital Nerve headaches! This is the biggie. Read the thread which I'll bump. It can cause intense sinus - like pain. For me it starts below my eye and migrates down the back of my neck. For others it starts in their neck. It is the most god-awfull pain!

    I have recently had trigger point shots (one in my face and one at the neck) which blocked the nerve and the pain is gone!! Now, it will probably come back again and I may have to repeat the shots (which sound worse than they are). But with the nerve blocked I can do other things to try to preven further attacks.

    Anyway, welcome to the board and check these threads out.

    One - Face pain..., two - occipital nerve..

  5. Densgirl

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    I appreciate the info on Lexapro and also headaches.

    Nyrofan - I take Elavil for Interstitial Cystitis when I have a flare. It helps but watch out for the weight gain.

    Sofi - Thanks for pointing out the threads concerning facial pain. It sounds like a strong possibility.

    Everyone - Thanks for the welcome!
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    Just want to say Hi.


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