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    Hi, I'm new here. I feel like a lost soul at the moment. I am 29 years old and have been told by an ER doctor that I probably have fibromyalgia. He did some blood work and sent me on my way. I am not able to get to the doctor until some time next month and am in a lot of pain. I have friends who have chronic pain conditions and it scares me that I may be facing the same type of thing. I all ready have several mental and health issues to begin with. I am tired of taking pills all the time and the thought of having to take more really upsets me. I've never hurt like this before, ever. There really isn't that much information that I have been able to find, even on the internet. I guess I am just really scared about how this is going to affect my life. I have 3 young children and work full time. Can anyone let me know how they coped when they first started having problems? I feel like no one understands me.
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    Great username!

    I'm glad you found this site and posted. It sounds like you've got a lot of burdents at the moment. This is a very good site, with a lot of good information as well as humor, friendship, and support. I have CFS and not much Fibro (and I'm a 40 year old guy), but there are lots of people with Fibro that I'm sure will not only be very helpful, but will understand exactly what you're going through.

    Again, welcome.

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    Thank you for your welcome. I appreciate any support or advice anyone can give me. Sometimes just having someone who understands, who will listen is a monumentous thing.
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    and you're right; having someone who understands feels GREAT.

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    Welcome to the board! This is an excellent place to begin educating yourself about fibromyalgia. There are articles in the library here that can get you started.

    I would also recommend that you read the book "Fibromyalgia For Dummies". That is the first book I read after I was diagnosed, and it has wonderfully clear information for anyone new to the disease.

    I am a divorced mother of two who works part time. I am lucky enough to have a great support system of family and friends who help me. Coping with this is like many other things - I take it one day at a time.

    Good luck,
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    wow three children..i have only one, 16 years old...male teen...

    i didn't know what was wrong with me for quite some time...i just tried to ignore a baby...married but felt like i was a single my bio....

    i like klonopin for sleep, pain ans spasms....i take it at bedtime...

    i am on ssdi right now..starting college again at my age...
    trying to figure out a new career i can do for awhile...

    i had to take my excedrine migraine helps but not entirely...

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    Don't worry, you are not a lost soul. This illness is just so tiresome sometimes, but it helps to have people to talk to about it. I also have 3 children and sometimes I don't feel like getting out of bed, but I can for them. I have discovered that stress seems to play a big role in this illness. I went on vacation this past week and I felt great, no worries, walking along the beach and great sleep too! As soon as I got back home my head and neck started hurting. But I am going to physical therapy this week to learn how to relieve the stress. So, don't be afraid, be proactive and positive. There are so many things we can do to alleviate the pain. Try to learn how to alleviate your stress and get a doctor who is supportive of fibromylagia, because not all of them are. That really helps a great deal. Welcome and you are in my prayers! Kim
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    Hello, there.

    I am fairly new here myself, but I am happy I found it. I am also 29. I have had significant CFS and mild fibro for 7 years. I didn't know how to cope myself when I first got sick, and, honestly, I'm still trying to figure it out. I hope you can be hopeful about your situation, though. It sounds like you are getting an early dx, which is an important and lucky thing. Learning how to manage your symptoms before you get too bad off can make a big difference. You sound like a proactive person, willing to do research and learn what works for you. I think that will really help you.

    My doctor gave me The CFIDS and Fibromyalgia Self-Help Book by Bruce Campbell, PhD. I didn't get many specific treatment ideas from it, but I found it to be a helpful overview of how to address my illness.

    I know it can be difficult to worry about what might be in store for you in the future. I do this myself. But I can tell you that my best days are those when I can just assess and deal with whatever symptoms and life issues I am having that particular day. I know that one day at a time is a cliche, but it really is what's best for me.

    It sounds like you have a lot of responsibilities in your life. I wish you the best in finding support, good medical care (an understanding doctor can be key), and a well balanced life.

    Best wishes!
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    TO THE board. Lots of nice people here to share with.
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    Hi and welcome. You can see from the many welcomes that this is a very supportive and helpful group. I am new myself and hope to get to know people soon. I have been so isolated by CFS, Fibro and chemical sensitivies. Sorry about that migraine, Mach 69 1. I need to get to know names, smile . I get them myself. I want to second how much stress plays in this illness and eventual acceptance. You have a very heavy load and come here to get support often.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your recent dx but glad you're here. You'll love it.

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    Thank you for taking the time to welcome me. I have read many posts and found the information to be somewhat helpful, somewhat confusing, but if I have questions, I'll ask. Thanks again.
  13. wanderingbluedragon

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    I am wondering how they came to diagnose everyone. It seemed to me that the ER doc was all to quick to say, "you have fibromyalgia." He did a blood test to test sedementation and said I had no inflammation and I am pretty sure he tested the pressure points because he was pushing on different parts of my body and seeing if it hurt. I have to wait forever to see my regular doctor to talk to her about it. Until then I am just trying to make it through the pain. Like many people I am afraid of taking narcotics and becoming addicted to them. As I said before I have taken many pills over the years for other issues and I really don't like feeling loopy. The funny thing is... when I do take pain meds for this, like vicodin, I don't. I am also not sure how to broach this subject with my children, how do I tell them that I'm sick and won't be able to play with them as much? I am also trying to figure out how to explain this to our other family members who keep telling me they hope I feel better soon (it seriously makes me want to cry when they say that). Thanks for all your support, I am so glad I found this site.
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    Hi again,

    I was just wandering if you have to work full-time, that's hard when you are not feeling well. As for the time with your kids, I completely understand. I have 3 kids also, 2 little ones, 5 and 7. Since this illness seems to come and go, I make the most of my time with them when I am feeling okay. When I don't feel well, I just tell them I am tired and need to rest and they seem fine with that as long as I play with them when I do feel well. Boardgames are great, because they don't require physical activity, painting, playdough, reading, etc. Those are good things to do when your physical activity is limited. Hope you are feeling better soon! Kim
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    I do work full time. In fact this is quite devastating to me because I just put in for a promotion and was thinking I was finally on my way in my career. I have a very demanding and stressfull job and it takes a lot from me; but I love it. I have felt bad for a long time with different ailments, I had just started feeling better and then wham! I came down with a sinus and ear infection that wouldn't go away. They also came with these horrible joint/muscle aches and pain in my chest. I went to the ER because I thought my antibiotic wasn't working and that's when I got the dx. I don't know how we'll make it if I have to quit my job or only go to part time, we struggle financially as it is. I do have hope I will get through this, I am just in that greiving period right now I guess.
    Thanks for your help.
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    Hi there, I am new around here too, am 32 also with three children. I only got diagnosed on Friday so it is all new to me too.

    I can't say I know what it is like to have three children and work full time though and I really admire you. I can understand you being scared about how it is going to affect your life, it is gonna have a major affect really. At the moment I am looking into and trying different things that I can do to help myself without heading down the medical side of things, not into pills.

    You mentioned you are tired of taking pills, I can totally identify with you on that, I felt that way about 8 years ago and basically stopped taking all the pills I was on and now only take painkillers like paracetamol.

    Look if you ever want to talk, let me know through here and we can meet up in the chat room if you like. My kids are 5, 3 and ten months. I live in New Zealand so at the moment it is almost 5pm. Just thinking about what to feed my family. That in itself takes up most of my day.

    Take care. Michelle
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    I guess we all go through that grieving period, I hope talking to people on this board helps you. It is so hard to remove stress from our busy lives with young children, but I hope you find a way to do so because I believe it helps our situation. I am hoping the physical therapy I start this week will help with stress, it also includes massage therapy. I'll let you know. Taking that vacation and feeling fine was a real eye opener for me. I need to lessen the stress in my life. I hope you keep thinking positive, because that in itself is very powerful! :)
    Take Care, Kim