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  1. Finally got a dignosis but so far not much help. I am 45 single mother with a 8 year and full time job. I cannot function after work...fall asleep....Rheumatologist only keeps saying exercise and sleep med? What advice can I get and what approach since my doctor doesn't seem to hear me?
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    I am a newbie also...only have posted for about a week...But have been sick since I was 23...I am 42, so not new to being ill...just trying to become more invoved with my treatment again, and seeing what is new here on the board...Lots of great information!!!

    If you look thru some of the threads that are here, some of the people who have been here longer have some good ideas, research, postings...Quite knowlegable about this/these diseases.

    If you click on my name, it will take you to my page...I am also a mom, and it is hard to be sick with this and raise kids, let alone work also...I don't work outside the home.

    I support you in looking for another Rheumy...maybe someone on the board is from your area, and knows of a good one in Texas?


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    Welcome Magic

    You have come to a wonderful place. There are lots of caring wonderful people here.

    I live in Canada so I can't be any help to you in finding another Rheumy. I am only a little older than and understand how frustrating it is to fight for years for a diagnosis. See my profile.

    It took me a long while to find someone that listens to me. I now have a wonderful rheumy and was able to collect disability with her help. Fortunately I have a wonderful husband to help me too.

    I hope you keep coming back and posting some more.

    hugs Redwillow
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    This really is a wonderful place to share our hardships, find understanding people and make friends...all that and this place if filled with great information too.

    I always try to recommend some good supplements and they sell them here at Pro Health.

    I wasn't getting any help from my doctor and last year decided to take over my own health care. (after a year of being bedridden already)

    I'm now fighting my way out of a horrendous over 2 year flare and it's all from changes I've made in my diet, eliminating processed/chemical foods, and a healthier lifestyle with many supplements from the store here.

    For anyone, I'd recommend the Fibro Complete Multi with Malic Acid. It's a wonderful vitamin filled with many things that I used to take in single form but have eliminated since this Multi has it all. (It may look expensive, but I got such a boost from it that it's worth it and I was able to toss out so many single supplements too)

    I truly give credit to gaining some of my health back from this one supp alone. Husband and daughter take it too. Daughter fought me for months on this one, but eventually started taking it. She was doing well but decided to stop, you guessed it, she started to feel crappy again. (She has fm too amoung a host of other problems)

    Anyway, I also highly recommend a balanced magnesium/calcium/zinc supplement for muscle pain. It also helps with fibro fog and we're all deficient in this mineral.

    Of course, you should/can ask your doctor about this but many don't ever recommend taking supplements and I can't figure out why....these truly help.

    One more... Probiotics....healthy gut, healthier body. This has made a drastic change in my IBS-D too after 18 years of misery.

    Please consider making changes to your diet, even small changes at first. Ground foods work wonders when you eliminate all of the American crappy processed foods. Fresh fruits and veggies can make a difference in our lives too.

    Good luck all and hugs,

    Nancy B
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    And welcome SUZ!!!!! Glad you found this board!
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    Doctors won't be able to help you much.

    Only a few things help me, and I have been CFIDS for 10 years. Dont know how you cope with 8y.o. sleep is your main help.

    You could try...

    Olive Leaf - Anti bacterial anti fungal
    Co-Enzyme Q 10 150mg/day
    Lorazepam to sleep or
    valium to sleep.

    All this information is given to you with the proviso that you do your own checks on other meds you are taking and other conditions you may have.

    I wouldnt try to exercise until you are feeling up to it as you could become worse. in fact, you will become worse.
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    Welcome Magic:

    Not that we want to see you here with the rest of us. I was reading some of the other replys and I agree with them, there is alot of confusion with these disorders, everyone is unique and responds differently.

    I agree with the use of supplements, they have made a difference in my pain and fatigue...Start slow. I'm not sure what you are on but a good starting palce is with a good multi vitamin, high complex B vitamins, magnesium, calcium...I could go on.

    Also diet and excercise are important and water...When we are dehydrated we become fatigued...Try keeping water a work if you can.. I drink alot of the calming herbal teas.

    With exercise, again we are ubnique I use daily yoga about 30-40 minutes a day to keep my muscles streched and more limber, work out tension and knots in my lower back/hips.
    Start off slow if you haven't been doing much, or most of us find when we overdo we FLARE.....

    Just some ideas, keep checking in, there are many good ideas on the board...The memebers here support one and other. We do understand.... Post as you need, ask questions, none are dumb. We have all been were you are at, it can be a bit overwhelming, even as you develop coping skills.

    Also check with your Rheumy on sleep meds...Make sure that what you take will help with level 4 sleep which is what most of us lack.

    Again welcome.

    In wellness,


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  8. Rheumy said definitly fibro and did do bloodwork but as I have read in most cases, negative of anything conclusive? Meds I am currently taking is Lexapro, Provigil and just prescribed Ambien CR but I can't stay awake after getting home from work so I don't get the Ambien. My FEET hurt sooo bad, I can hardly walk. Also I have gained alot of weight but was told to go back to my M.D. for that issue. Exercise? when you can barely walk due to pain? I don't get it... It really saddens me because my 8 yr old is the one who suffers as much as me because I cannot funtion like all the other Moms.
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