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    I have been lurking here for a week or so and enjoying reading all your posts. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 2 years ago; around the same time I was diagnosed with Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. A lot to get used to at one time.

    I didn't have trouble getting the diagnosis going to lots of doctors like a lot of people seem to have done. I was having severe leg aches and pains and difficulty walking even short distances due to pain and extreme fatigue in my legs. I felt like I couldn't lift my feet to take the next step.

    My doctor started me on Flexeril 2-3x/day, and I have done well with that, but recently have begun to experience worse and worse flares. I fear that additional meds will need to be added. After reading and doing research I am fearful about using some of/all of the frequently used meds. Like some of you I seem to have strange reactions to medications and am allergic to many antibiotics.

    My symptoms are deep body aches, pain, kind of like the worse case of flu you ever had. I feel like I have been doing strenuous exercises or working out and I swear I haven't (like I could). I have tremors/jerking in my hands and have difficulty moving the computer mouse or doing fine movements. My handwriting is getting worse and worse even though it used to be beautiful.

    I think the tremor was the first symptom to appear about 7-8 years ago. However, thinking way back I had vertigo for several years that seemed to defy reason and didn't respond to treatment. As I have researched Fibromyalgia I can't help but wonder if maybe that was actually the beginning.

    I have thought that my fibro symptoms were fairly mild since I was able to function fairly well with Flexeril alone and that maybe I was simply wimping out, but it does now seem to be getting worse. I don't seem to be depressed or anxious but do have mood swings fairly often.

    My next dr. appointment is in late July and plan to discuss additional treatment of some sort. I hope my doctor will be as good as when she first made the diagnosis.

    Just wanted to thank you all for 'being there' and letting me share and 'see' into your lives a little bit.
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    Welcome aboard, you will find LOTS of great info here and plenty of helpful hints to make life easier.

    Take care
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    Wow, yes, I'm sure it was a lot to adjust to being diagnosed with multiple problems at one time. I hope you will find this website to be as helpful as most of us have.

    Your mood swings could be bi-polar II disorder, but that would need to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. I am bi-polar II and have been on meds for many years but still have swings, they just aren't as severe.

    I can relate to leg fatigue and pain. I've often said..."If I could just cut myself in half at the waist...I'd feel better!"
    That is where most of my pain occurs too.

    I suffer with vertigo as well and get car sick VERY easily. I have jerks as well, but have you been tested for Parkinson's? Just a thought, if nothing else, to rule it out.

    I hope your doctor will be as helpful now as in the beginning as well. Having a doctor that is empathetic and understanding is crucial.

    I wish you the best and again, welcome!


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