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    Hello, Im new here, I've been reading over the message boards for aobut a week, just to scared to pipe up, or just to amazed that I found people "just like me" I was dx with FMS about 3mths ago, and my life is a living nightmare,as you all know so well ! Been on lyrica for a month now, it seems to be "kickin in" only takeing the edge off, starting to gain weight, and cant talk, and concentrate.Dont know if that is Fibofog or meds. I have soooo many Q's, but no one has answers. I did go to a pain mantagement center yesterday, and hes mixen me up a "cocktail", also gave me musclease?? suposta be a natural muscle relaxer, but my body fights them and all I do is end up twitching all nite,and same for flexril, stoma, and skelixan.Ijust dont know what to do amymore, and I just wanna RELAX ! I hope that someone out there can give me some advice on this.
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    Welcome initahug,

    You are in the right place! I was dx'd with FM five years ago - and I remember where you are right now. The good thing is that you have a diagnosis and it seems that your dr's are trying things to help you. And you have a support system at home.

    For me, it took some time to find the right combo of meds. I cannot do muscle relaxers. They make me too tired and I also experienced the "twitches". My dr gave me an anti-anxiety med instead. There are many out there - so best to consult with your dr on which could help you. Don't be afraid to speak out and let your medical "team" know if something is not working for you.

    I hope you feel better soon. I know you will have many questions down the road - and this is a great place to get them answered.

    Happy 4th,
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    A warm welcome initahug ! :)

    I've only recently found this wonderful message board and it's already been a great resource and help for me.
    I have FM too and I'm being helped by my regular doctor... I agree with Cookie~please speak up about what is working or not working as far as the meds go. Also something else that is helping me is to keep a simple daily journal of how I'm feeling.
    Another simple thing that I've found that helps my pain is to go swimming ~ okay sometimes I just float but it feels wonderful ~ now if I could figure out how to be live in the pool and take care of my family that would be a good trick. Smile

    Take care, Susan
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    Hi initahug ,

    We all need hugs , so I am sending a gentle one to you.

    Please know that you are in a good place here. You will get support and hugs and even some advice you don't want ! But it is all in the spirit of helping and caring for each other.

    It is so good that you came to this board so early in your diagnosis. There are many people who will help you on your journey.

    Welcome and I hope all goes well for you !

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    I am not an expert on natural health products, but it seems to me that vitamens (esp D-2), and anti-oxidants (currently using grape seed extract) have made the Western medicines more effective.

    Since your body seems to "fight things" a kinesthesiologist (person who does muscle testing) may be a good resource. It seems odd at first, but they can help you focus on the things that YOUR body says is right for you. If there is a health food store, or herb/vitamen store, they can point you to some people. The only difficulty is that it is expensive and generally not covered by insurance.

    I go to an acupuncture school also. It is less expensive than a private acupuncturist. But of course there are not that many schools.

    Always feel free to ask questions. Now that you are getting started, it may help to make your subject line pretty specific, so that people who do not have a lot of time will pick up on it.

    This is a good place to be!!
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    I know you'll receive lots of good info and friendship on this board. This is the place I come to first, after checking my e-mail and a journal I keep online.

    Glad to meet you! We'll see you here later!

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    This is a wonderful board with lots of smart and fun people.

    So glad you joined us and don;t be scared to "Pipe UP" (-: !!

    There is also the Chit Chat board (not the chat room) where you can also vent or talk about almost anything edcept religion or politics. So lurk around and find yourself a comfy place.

    Again, a big welcome to you sweetie.


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    One thing you'll eventually find out about the medical profession is that they don't recommend nutrients, even if you are dangerously low in them. They make money off drugs, not supplements, and their tests are not reliable enough with regards to the things your body needs to function normally. When they do tests on you, they are looking for indications that you would benefit from a particular drug.

    Calcium and magnesium are important minerals for muscles, among other things. Calcium is responsible for muscle contraction while magnesium is responsible for muscle relaxation. If you are twitching, you are probably just low in magnesium. You should probably try a mineral or a magnesium supplements. But the form of magnesium is important. You want to avoid magnesium oxide because it is generally not absorbed. It is used in laxatives because it passes through you quite easily. Some of the best forms to use are malate, glycinate and taurate.

    If the doctor tells you to try magnesium, he may not see you again for the same problem. But if he tells you to try a drug instead (which is going against what your body actually needs) then he gets to run more tests, gets you to come to follow up appointments, and he has probably already received incentives from the drug company for putting you on muscle relaxers.

    Start looking at your symptoms from a "nutritionally deficient" point of view and you may be able to get some supplements that will really help you. Doctors don't have reliable tests for, nor are they even interested in your nutritional deficiencies. They went to school to learn about drugs, not supplements. You need to figure out why your digestion system is not working. If it was, you wouldn't need to take supplements if you are eating properly. Gut dysbiosis related to an infection is the most likely cause.

    just keep reading

    good luck

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    Welcome to this board. You are so young.

    Don't be scared to pipe up.

    You will find that there is very helpful advice on this board and many paths to choose from.

    Your imput will not only help you but others on this board as well.

    It can be frustrating finding the right meds. treatments for this DD. Hang in there. Unfortunately, with this disease it can be hit or miss.

    That is the adviced that really helped me when joining the board.

    For me, seeing a therapist who treats chronic illnesses was also really helpful.

    We are all here to support one another.

    You can do a search on topics here and there is helpful information at the Pro Health library.

    Look forward to hearing from you. I know how overwhelming this all can be.

    Take care,
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