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    Hi, I am meme. I am new to the board. I have Fibro and other conditions. I am so glad to be here. i nee someone that can understand what i am going thru daily. My family doesn't/ Oh, I know it' s my fault because I try to keep up with everything expected of me. I have a great husband, but, he is upset with everyone, as he says for using me. He also says it's my fault for not saying no to them, and explain my pain and things that are wrong with me. Does anyone else go thru this? I am a grandma of 2 granddaughters 5 and 11. They seem to be my life now, but, not my sweet daughter, that only wants me when she wants me to watch them or money. I know some of you go thru this. lol Meme
  2. hermitlady

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    Glad you found us here. There are many good people living with the same conditions and problems. We understand what life can throw at us w FM/CFS, it's not easy.

    There's tons of good info in posts and in the site's library, etc. Maybe you'll find some stuff you can share w your family to help explain how you're feeling.

    Feel free to vent, ask questions, really helps to come here for support. You can click on my name to see my profile, and if you want you can fill yours out too so we can get to know you. Good luck.


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