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  1. sportsmom628

    sportsmom628 New Member

    I have been lurking for close to a month just trying to get to know everyone but did become member 10/09. Still have alot to learn about the boards. I have replied to some posts already. Just wanted to let everyone know I enjoy reading your posts, everyone is so knowledgeable and supportive. I hope I can become friends with all. Just wanted to introduce myself, I do have a bio in my profile.

    Nice to meet everyone.
  2. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    It's nice to meet you too. I love the ocean too. I never learned to surf but I used to boogie board and body surf.

  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I read your bio. Wow, you sound kind of like me, only younger. You've been through a lot for your age. Sorry to hear about the loss of your job. But, you don't sound like you are in any shape to work anyway. I am super glad you have a supportive family. Mine are, only about 25% of the time, though! My children are all grown now and work and don't have the time to help me much. My hubby is retired but works full-time on our farms but helps out when he can.

    You will make friends fast here--see, you already have one! Me!

    Take care,
  4. nah.stacey

    nah.stacey Member

    Haven't been here long myself. I lurked for a while also.

    These people are amazingly knowledgeable and sometimes I have to drop a thread and run to the back up info links, or go read the article, then come back and go "OOOOOHHHHHH I get it.

    When you have bad days we are here for you. Feel free to post on bad days, good days, in-bed days, or just let go a stream of venting. That is what we are really here for and we truly will understand when you say " I feel like UUUUUAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH.' Funny thing is we know how that one feels. Not really funny, more sad that we know but we get it.

    Also, feel free to ask about medications you aren't sure of, don't believe EVERYTHING your Dr. tells you. Chances are someone here as tried it and will have feedback for you.

    Good Luck with this gang,
  5. sportsmom628

    sportsmom628 New Member

    Thank You so much everyone for being so welcoming, I can just feel the warmth and closeness coming out of the screen. I hope to make many many friends. Thanks Again! Like I said I have alot of family support but it is great to have found a group like me that really really understands the everyday trials and turbulations we go through everyday! I look forward to talking with all!


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