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  1. MiahRoo

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    Just found this message board and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 20 years old and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 5 months ago after been ill for nearly 7 years with a huge variety of symptoms. I'm not working right now, it just became too much for me. I'm sure you can all relate. Well, just wanted to say a brief hello. :)
  2. sierrasioux

    sierrasioux New Member

    Hello and welcome. I haven't been here for long, but for the past week I have been checking out the posts daily. You can learn so much here.
    I have had fibro for over 20 years.
  3. atrinigyal29

    atrinigyal29 New Member

    Hi Miah,
    Just wanted to welcome you to the board. I was diagnosed with FM almost two years ago, but felt it coming on for about 5 years. This board is very helpful and gives a lot of support. Take care.
  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Hi Miah, welcome to the board. Glad you have found us.

    You will meet a lot of great people here, friendly and helpful too.

    Again, welcome and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. jka

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    glad you found us.i've been able to get alot of info off this site.also there is always someone willing to listen.i have found this site to be the best one out of allthe others i have looked at.enjoy and i hope you find what you need.

    kathy c