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    Hi to one and all--I am glad I found this site--sounds like everyone is very helpful. I was diagnosed in Sept when i went to my rhuemetologist for my arthritis.. my GP said "there is no such thing"--my main complaint was an awful burning sensation in my elbows and sometimes in my back and side--like a bad sunburn--and very painful areas on my body--I have since found out they are pressure points. my question today is about flare ups--I have been in one for about a month now..all my nails (which were nice and long) have broken and peeled and i am so tired. This has been a stressful month so I suppose that might have started it.Does anyone have trouble with IBS? Also I feel very weak when I wake up and have to sort of take it easy for awhile in the mornings. Thanks for any replys..
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    You will find lots of support and good information on this board.

    Are you taking probiotics? They are very good for helping get your GI tract in order. I take Jarro-Dophilus. Others take Threelac or Primal Defense. There are many other, too.

    Do a search for IBS using the Search box above. Lots of people here have that problem and have discussed possible solutions.
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    How wonderful you found us! LOL

    Seems like IBS and FM go together for a lot of us...I got severe IBS all of a sudden and ended up in ER..within one year, I was dx'd with FM.

    With fm, do be sure to stretch out a little as soon as you wake up, while still in bed...not so far it hurts you, but right up to that point. It makes all the differene to my whole day. Keeps me from starting out stiff and then the pain escalating from holding my body unnaturally.

    Hope you read some of the FM info on this site...they have great products for FM! Also, do a search and you'll be amazed at the info you get...well, overwhelmed, too, LOL, but take it easy and one step at a time, ok?

    We'll all hang around looking for you...welcome again!!