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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by grandnan3, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Hi everyone, I've had FM for quite a few years now and finding it very hard to get the right painkillers. My Dr will only give me Panadiene Forte and all they do is make me constipated!!!

    I take 150mg Effexor XR daily and the PF. I have tried Neurofen Plus, but I also have stomach problems and they didn't releave the pain anyway. The pain is so bad that most of the time I can hardly walk and I just don't know what to do, apart from changing Drs.

    Any ideas on what painkillers work for you would be appreciated.
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    Hi Grandnan3, Change doctors now! If your doctor is not listening to your pain needs then you need to find a doctor that will. You don't say if your doctor is a rhumatologist or not but you may want to start there or maybe try a pain management doctor. I don't know of a medication that will make you pain go away completely but you can certainly have it managed better. Warm baths help and I also use music therepy. I have an IPOD with all my favorites and when I'm in a lot of pain I plug in and it helps reduce my pain. I have a lot of stomach problems too. But don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and change doctors if you aren't getting the treatment you need.
    Good Luck
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    We know just how you feel! My fms and cfs have been going on more than a few years. This is the place to come when you need help or need to talk to someone who understands, or just to read the posts. When I can't bear it alone that's what I do.

    There is nothing that takes the pain away, but I have been taking Ultram for many years - (the generic now.) And a small dose of Paxil somehow helps you to deal with your problems. Also, I need Ambien to get restful sleep (I always use less than the doctor says.) I don't know if that's a good idea. Lastly, I take Mirapex. It has made the most difference, for I have more energy (more is a little) which is so wonderful. Nsaids ruined my stomach years ago (and that was at "recommended" doses,) so now I usually take one tagamet a day, and I'm very careful to have food or milk with anything that goes into my mouth!
    Of course, there are many things I can't eat.

    This is what my list of meds evolved to over very many years. We are a tough bunch of people and we can do what we have to do! Hope this wasn't too long.
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    Hi all of you strong people! I've been in pain for 4 years and finally have been diagnosed last week by a Rhumatologist. Guess what....he doesn't believe in pain meds!! He told me to just keep moving. AAHH. My general doc has given me tylenol w/codien (nope) and now Darvocet (very addicting I hear), but this is before my diagnosis. So I fear that a long search through ignorant docs (see post below) is ahead of me. Is anyone from NH? I'm glad to find this and many other informative sites.
    Hugs to all
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    Welcome to the board!