newest clinical tests to cure type 1

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    Friends no longer have access to internet

    Friends may be close to kidney issue or amputation.

    Google research review states newest clinical trials are in Australia, New zealand & Russia a company and its affiliates.

    They use animal living cell tissue transplants in 2008/2009 of 5,000 to 10,000 ie tissue.
    The private person pays $10 per ie and may need one every two years.
    Does this transplant eliminate auto-immune disorder or pancreas disease?

    Does anyone know about this company, method and are there any alternatives in US?

    Are there any persons, companies or foundations offering reward to inventors to fix auto-immune disorder and pancreas disease.

    Is there any protection against getting diabetes?

    If there is no reward, lets start one as many inventor with hold informationas there is no incentive for them to release solution or they face terror of big pharma.

    Appreciate any details asap. thank you