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  1. fisher1949

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    Have you seen the newest Lyrica commercial? The lady is out pruning and spraying and doing all kinds of outside work.

    Gee, wish I could do all that. I couldn't handle the Lyrica or Cymbalta.

    I have enough problems spraying and dusting let alone out doing yard and shrub work.

    What do you think?? The second commercial was better; at least it highlighted areas of pain.
  2. greatgran

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    I didn't like the first commerical, and haven't seen the newest but from what you describe I am sure I won't like it either.

    It is so misleading to those who don't understand the way we feel, you just can't take a pill and be up doing like on the darn commericals even if lyrica helped with the pain it doesn't make us well and able to do. My family sees this commerical and here we go again, hey take this and you will be fine.

    There is so much more to our DD than just pain, like the fatigue, fog, anxiety/depression and on and on. Yes, it would be great not to hurt but the darn pills I have tried have to many side effects I can't tolerate.

    I have trouble just doing what I have to let alone working outside etc.

    More comments when I see the commerical, those darn drug companies, its all about money..

    God Bless,
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  3. zenouchy

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    Sadly, the point of the commercial is to make things look really rosy and wonderful so more people will want to rush to their doctors and ask them about the drug. The point is to also give them hope that they can feel better (such as garden) or else people wouldn't have interest in the drug.

    All drug commercials do this. They often show people hiking, running, kayaking, or out in really beautiful scenery. It's all about the almighty dollar, not the real illness.

    The good news is that people are hearing the word "fibromyalgia" over and over again. That at least helps legitimize the illness.

    I hope you feel much better soon.

    All the best,

  4. anchor

    anchor Member

    i haven't seen the latest commercial, but i did see the 1st one a few times.

    on the first one, she reads from her hand-written diary about the pain from fibro ......

    a handwritten diary?

    does anyone else find it hard to believe that a person suffering (before any meds) with FM would be handwriting long paragraphs - each and every day?

    i have trouble typing and handwriting is very hard for me.

    hmmm...could just be me.
  5. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    haven't seen the new one, DESPISE the first one (husband knows to hit the mute button before i throw a pillow at "the fibro B*$&#&"--none of us are like that!!!)

    but anyway--here's a gread "AD" for lyrica--today i took my daily dose, 2 weeks into the therapy--and woke up at 3pm with the smoke alarms all going off, the house FILLED with smoke, the dogs choking and gasping, and the chicken i had put on to simmer for soup burned to a crisp and probably ready to burst into flames at any moment--thank God for smoke detectors, i was so out of it from my wonderful lyrica (I NEVER fall asleep in the middle of the day, but could barely make it home from my doctors while driving before all this happened!!), since without the horrendously loud blaring beeps, i would have snoozed right through the fatal smoke inhalation!!

    my poor puppies! do ya think the lyrica people want to run this ad ?, with the smoke pouring out every window when i finally woke up, opened every window and turned on every ceiling fan (I did run thru the house awfully fast doing this--maybe that is a sign of improvement that i should jot down in my journal, lol!!)

    i'll look for the new ad to see how it compares!! hope your day is better--L
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  6. momof27

    momof27 New Member

    I want the next lyrica commerical to show a women not to over weight and then flash to a month later when she has gained 40 pds
  7. scarletstang

    scarletstang New Member

    I think that portrayal is a slap in the face to us. Maybe we should all think about dropping the drug company a line. It won't bother me in the least. Maybe they could film a few of us!
  8. mammabek

    mammabek New Member

    they would stop acting like pain is the only symptom. i have had people say ;well i hurt all dont hear me complaining" and yes i nearly threw something at the tv with the new one. before i got sick i was into organic gardening pretty seriously. now i cant tend houseplants, much less tend a freaking hothouse! and the actresses they use! on my best day i dont look refreshed and lively...why dont they use someone who really has the disease? oh i forgot..its not a disease, right? just a bunch of syndromes!
  9. padre

    padre New Member

    I have seen it several times and will say that it is much better than the last one. Still the conclusion is that we just have to take their pills and feel fine. At least this one is not patronizing. I once believed that any information to the public would be better than none. I now feel that there is no good way to show all of our problems without missing some of us. At least it tells folks that what we have is real enough to cause a company to spend money on research and advertsng.
  10. becc

    becc New Member

    I'm in Australia where it's illegal to advertise drugs but saw the first Lyrica commercial online. I haven't seen this one yet.

    The problem with these commercials is that they're not designed to create awareness of fibromyalgia. They're aimed purely at selling a drug. They want as many people as possible to ask their doctor to prescribe Lyrica so they're going to minimise the symptoms so almost everyone believes they may be helped by the drug. If they showed the true severity of some FM cases, comparatively few people would see themselves in the ad and ask for the drug.

    The commercial sounds pretty unhelpful but honestly I don't think we could expect a drug company to do any better. When the dollar rules, truth always suffers.

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  11. Springfling

    Springfling New Member

    Well, I am taking Lyrica and you won't find me doing any of those things in the commercial! It has helped my pain some, but I am also more tired. (Was already taking naps every day) so this has made it worse.

    All they are trying to do is sell the product. Now, if they made a commercial of someone snoozing in a hammock in their backyard in the warm sun, I might not hate the darn commercial so much!
  12. glenda2

    glenda2 New Member

    as for the first commercial i can 't sign my name without it hurting so no way could i write in a journal.....

    the second commercial sometimes i can't walk long enough to even go outside just to check the mail so i wouldn't be able to work in the garden or the yard........

    i took lyrica and it did not help that much and i had all the side effects so i cant take it anyway if it could really help all of us to do these things (with or WITHOUT the side effects) it would be a miricle drug!!!

  13. UsedtobePerkyTina

    UsedtobePerkyTina New Member

    I agree with zeno....

    They are out to sell a product. The bathroom products don't work as they are shown on commercials either.

    Overall, it is good, the illness is legitimized. Now, will a drug company do the same for CFS?

  14. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    Lol--Mom, that's hilarious, 40lbs...scary!
    I have been taking Lyrica for almost a month now and hope I can continue to tolerate it as it has helped with pain more than I could've hoped for (so far).

    I saw the commercial and found it much better than that other one as far as the wording of it-- I had to change the channel if that first one came on, and I hope they stop running it. It was written by a chipmunk for sure who had no clue, and that woman was too odd and vacant.

    This one could be better if they showed a little less glamour...okay, a lot most of us can even afford all those flowers if we can even get out to garden ourselves! She didn't look much affected by FM at all.

    I liked the part where is says specifically that it's NOT an antidepressant but for PAIN. That impressed me that they showed a close up of her face as she explained that.
    Yes...much better,
    Can you imagine writing a skit for SNL to show what we really deal with...Mom has a start...that would be hilarious!<br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 04/02/2008</i>]
  15. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    As furious as I got, I had to recall the ones where the poor teen girls were coping with their monthly's. And all while romping on the beach, wearing a white, practically see-through bikini?

    Now how many people would have chanced that? I'd be willing to bet it would be about as many as there are of us writing in longhand in a journal, and then jumping up in our stiletto-heeled boots to instruct our Art students, or work in a garden with all the chemicals, etc. It's aim is to sell, not make sense. Which is good, because it does not even come close to making sense.
  16. mich204

    mich204 New Member

    Someone was looking out for you and the pups. WOW, so glad you have smoke detectors and they worked!!

    I have one for lyrica too, I went out to grocery shop, was pushing the cart in the parking lot, didnt even notice the speed bump, my cart toppled over, i went head first landing on my hands, scraping my knee.

    It was St Patties day, and two guys with the leprochan hats helped pick me and my stuff up.

    I tolerate Neurontin much better.
  17. Sunrise2780

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  18. RatsWife

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    I believe I've seen one. Do seem to recall a gardening scenario and fuzziness around the edges to make it seem dream like. And a few good dreams are all I've gotten from 3 months of Lyrica. Well, those dreams and an empty wallet, oh and worsened exhaustion. I'm still taking Tylenol routinely and that is not good for me or my liver. I see ads and always hope the docs aren't buying into the fluff but honestly apprising the real value of any new med being marketed.
  19. poets

    poets Member

    I don't know why, but that commercial made me mad as a hornet. Yeah right. She's all made up and looks as if she's ready to take on the world. Here I sit with excess weight from the stuff and still suffering, my eyes sunk back in my head and black circles etc.etc. And I'm going to go work in my greenhouse? It's just not realistic. I don't know... Then again if they put me on one of their commercials, Fibromites would RUN from Lyrica! Very aggravating! (I think I definately need some sleep here!) Guess I'll go try. It's 6:09.

    Good Morning, Y'all
  20. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    It's the same with the Enbrel and Humera stuff. I still suspect one of those drugs is what contributed to my mother's death, but I can't prove it. They used to show people up doing all kinds of things with those, too. And when my mother was on them, she still couldn't do all that much. And the side effects were awful.

    I hate drug companies and the way they market stuff. I really wish the commercials for drugs were taken off the air.

    The first Lyrica commercial really sux. And she doesn't look anything like a Fibro patient. And no, if you're seriously hurting and fatigued and everything else, you will not be handwriting a diary. And it certainly won't sound like, "Today I really struggled with my fibromyalgia." It would sound more like, "I couldn't move at all today. I feel like I'm dying."

    The worst with all these commercials is when they make it look like we can all go out rock climbing if we just take a pill.