Newly diagnosed and have a question about facial rash

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    Hello everyone, I have been reading the boards for some time and have found it very helpful. But I do have a question about a rash I have on my face. It is on the nose and cheeks, looks like a sunburn. I have been tested for Lupus and that was negative. So I was wondering if it is just another FM symptom Or could it be the early signs of Lupus, and it just takes time to show up in your blood work? I have had it the last couple of days, and my fatigue is at high right now. Just want to go to sleep my eyes are so heavy.

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    I wouldn't rule out lupus.There is more diagnostic tests that can be taken!Speak to your Dr about this!
    It wouldn't be uncommon for the blood test to be negative and you to actually have lupus.

    Don't give up!
    Hope you get your answers soon as we all know how hard it is waiting!

    Best wishes,Val.
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    Welcome Cheryl:
    I have fms and also have the check,nose rash all the time. I also have a "funny rash" on my throat. It is red, angry looking, and about the size of a nickle. I've had these since dx with fms. I was tested for these lupus symptoms and 2 out of 3 rheumatologists thought I had lupus. I had a very positive ANA. But I'm going with the md who thinks it is just fms.
    Is this a symptom of other fms people??? I don't know.
    What do others out there think???
    good luck
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    Cheryl, it might be rosacea, the rash is similiar to the one that occurs with lupus. Go to rosacea dot org and read all about it. Rosacea is a common skin condition, and can be treated easier if caught early. Also do a search on this site and you will find some information. Good luck to you.
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    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I have been very concerned about this rash. Besides the rash, the heavy fatigue, I also have low grade fevers,and more pain in my hips. I guess I just afraid to call and be told I have Lupus on top of FM. My PCP is out on maternity leave until February. I am not comfortable seeing a doctor I am not familiar with, and is not familiar with me. But I guess I can't push this one under the rug. Do you think I should go while experiencing these symptoms or could I wait till February??
    Thanks again,
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    Hi Cheryl,I would not hold off to see a Dr.The worry alone is enough,but if you did have lupus you need to start treatment asap.
    I hope this all works out good for you,
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    It's a symptom of FM. There is a little known symptom called "Skinfold tenderness" that all FM people have, but don't know about because they can't see it. Someone else has to test for it.

    If you pinch the skin in the scapular region (shoulder blades), there is a "reactive hyperemia", which is just a fancy way of saying that blood rushes to that site and the skin goes unusually red.

    Anyway, a similar but chronic thing goes on in the face causing Rosacea. The same vascular effect is likely the cause of the bleeding gums, and the vulnerability for migraines that people with FM have.


    "scapular", not "occipital"! Gah!! I'm an idiot. Nevermind.[This Message was Edited on 12/22/2002]
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    I also have a facial rash. I have had it ever since I got mono in 97. I went to several doctors - the majority of them believed it was acne. I went on every single ance medication there is (i think!) and nothing touched it. The only thing that worked for me was acutane. And they aren't even sure how that works. I only took the acutane for 3 months and after I stopped the rash came back and has not gone away since.

    I also had a lupus test that came back negative. I didn't realize that wasn't final. Perhaps I will go to my doc and ask him to test again.

    I have also noticed that my rash worsens (get more red) with stress. I also often wake up with an angry face when I've slept too long. My pain and my rash seem to coincide.

    Let me know what you find out. I'd be interested in learning how I could get rid of my own rash. And I'll also keep you in mind if I find out something.

    Take care,


    Back in '99 I developed a rash on the right side of my chin down thru part of my neck. My primary Doc sent me to a Dermatologist who took one look and said :"This is Discoid Lupus". I was then given a cortizone cream to use.
    Six months later it faded, but it left a sort of "white"
    outlined scar. Now for the past year I have been diagnosed with "Fibro".
    "Discoid Lupus" looks like circular "coin" shapes and it tends to itch. About 10% of people who develop Discoid Lupus, will also develop SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).
    I've had numerous blood tests done including an ANA test that came back positive But, so far they say I only have the Fibro. Lupus tends to run in my family. My mother had it and so did her sister, so I have to keep a check on it.
    It's very hard to diagnose Lupus. They call it "The Great Pretender" because it mimicks other diseases.
    I would think that if you suddenly began losing weight, start having nausea, vomiting, chest pains,or blood in your urine then you might possibly have it.
    As far as that rash, you should probably get yourself to a Dermatologist who can properly diagnose it.