newly diagnosed and having some trouble understanding....

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  1. sharie

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    Everyone seems to be so knowledgable and I am just trying to figure this all out. I was just diagnosed this week with fms. I feel absolutely awful and I am trying to understand if this is considered a "flare" or if this is just what I have to live with. How is one supposed to figure all of this out?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Debbi

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    welcome here... and I'm sorry about your fm - we are all just different and as you come to know yourself and your personal symptoms (because fms has lots of surprises) you will recognize all these terms .... flare, to me, is just a more severe, longer lasting "episode" in the life with need to find a good doctor, lots of support and many more things that will come. Plse just try to relax, try not to get too overwhelmed, and remember, BE GENTLE with yourself. Good luck and hope to talk with you soon.
  3. Mikie

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    Welcome to our board. You have come to the right place.

    We are all different, so it's kinda hard to tell whether you are just in a temporary flare or whether you will need to find treatment for this as an ongoing situation. Sometimes we flare and then have remissions and sometimes we just move into a new level of pain and fatigue. In either case, if your doc is not addressing your pain and sleep problems, find a good doc who will.

    None of us comes into this thing with knowledge. The learning curve in the first few months is HUGE. Just reading the posts here and asking question will get you up to speed quickly. Learn everything you can about your illness. We have a great library here too.

    Many of us have improved by treating our symptoms and have a good quality of life. Research is leading to new treatments every day. There is every reason to hope for a cure in the next few years. Until then, do everything you can to ease your symptoms. We are here to help and give support.

    Love, Mikie
  4. goingslowlycrazy

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    I would just like to add my welcome to you Sharie.
    You have come to the right place and will be amongst caring friends now.
    There is such a lot of helpful info on these boards. If you have any specific queries, try doing a search on them.
    The biggest help of all is to know that you are NOT going mad and that we all know how you are feeling, so don't be shy. If you have a question, or just need to vent or have a hug, go right ahead and post!
    warm hugs
    Mary x
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    Welcome to the boards Shari. You have come to the right place for understanding and hugs when needed. I'm fiarly knew here to but definetly not new to fibro (30yers worth)
    I often wonder sometimes what a flare is and I describe it as my pain level increasing really bad, 10+ which I'm in right now. It could last days, weeks months, I always hope for only days. It just simply amazes me the symptoms we can have, numerous, numerous but were not crazy!! It's real and sometimes hard to deal with. Anyway welcome and feel free to post as often as you like but many of your questions can probably be answered with typing in what your looking for in the search button. Hope your feeling better sooooooon. {{{{{{{{Shari}}}}}}}}}

  6. bejo

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    I think everyone else has pretty well covered everything.But I want to add my welcome to you.We'll all give you a lot of support and understanding.(((((hugs)))))
  7. kakirk928

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    I was diagnosed in Dec 2001 after having "the flu" for 6 weeks. Finally after 3 weeks of being bedridden, medical leave from work, & many negative blood tests, my internist gave me the FMS/CFS diagnosis.

    My internist put me on prescription for Trazadone (which I started at 50mg at night, then was slowly increased to 150mg). It was to help me acheive deeper sleep. Wellbutrin, an anti-depressant, at 75 mg in the morning to help with mood-swings and fibro-brain (the fog you'll hear others referring to). The doc also recommended some vitamins including a multi, an herbal, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes. I also had a make a major lifestyle change. For instance, working 40 hours a week instead of 60-70, leaving some more strenuous activities behind me (hiking, etc), trying to make myself eat (I've got no appetite since 2 months before my diagnosis)healthy foods, & resting when I needed it no matter what. By June, I was feeling almost back to normal. I still wake up each day with stiffness and pain. But I feel blessed because I have only had three severe flare-ups since June 2002 where the pain & fatigue were so bad that I couldn't leave the bed for days (the longest was 6 days). I do have fantastic emotional support from my husband-to-be and my family & friends (you find out who your real friends are when you have this disease).

    I felt very hopeless when I was at the beginning. I thought I would have to quit my job and stay in bed the rest of my life. I have seen a counselor to try to cope with the emotions of having a chronic illness and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY. Somedays are better than others, emotionally and physically. But, I think maintaining a positive attitude (I've been pretty strict on myself about remaining upbeat) has helped as much as my doctor and the medication/vitamins.

    I hope this is helpful to you. -k2

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Sharie, My name is Cindy I'v had fm for 10 yr's now and just found the web sight ,Maybe 3 mths ago ,So for you to find it this fast is great ,Everyone hear are Great people
    And you will find out so much abought what we all share ,So Glad to have you abord
    GOD Bless
  9. tripletmom

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    Welcome, i'm also newly diagnosed. i can totalllyrelate to what your going through, just two weeks myself. So far i've determined i'm constantly flaring, but as you can see by my nickname, i'm constantly stressed. I've been in pain for quite some time, but i found a great neuro doc who is starting me on some meds and supplements along with exercise to see how that works for the next three months. Just hang in there, if you ever need to chat you can ususally find me in the fm chat room late nights. Good luck sweetie and i hope you start having better days!

    Sincerely, Gina Mulyck
  10. vsmith1210

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    I am sorry to here about your new diagnoises. I have had this for 12 years and you never quit learning about new things that will happen to your body,so set back and relax, and find you an understanding Dr. that will listen, Maybe this board will help i am a newcomer here so im still lookinmg for help and understanding,You have to Except the things you cannot change, Change the things you can and Pray for the knowledgs to know the difference, THat is what I live by< May God Bless You!
  11. sunnysideliving

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    Hello Sharie,

    Being as newbie here as you, I can not tell you if this is the right place to find information about your disease or not.
    However, reading the posts I can reassure you that this is the right place to get support (emotional and knowledge).

    I was not diagnosed with either FM or CFS, but having the same symptomps as most of you here. Unfortunately, the doctors here seems to be quite sceptical about these problems. (think them rather hypochondriac)
    Actually, I do not even know the difference between FM and CFS. I guess these must be quite similar, because of the same support page!

    I hope the best for you!
  12. Bobbette

    Bobbette Guest

    Hi Sharie, I am also new to this site have been here a week or so. Sorry to here about how your feelng. I also have flare ups some days are worse than others .BUT! you can have good days. I find that the achingis the worse but through this site they gave me tips on what to doabout them. It is great to know that your are not thr only one out there with the same problem and feel alone. It helps to vent with people that understand what you are feeling. I hope we all can help you with questions snd ect. Hang in there and take one day at a time. I am 49 and have had fms and cfs for about 3 yrs and it too 2 dr. to figure this out. My family dr was getting frustrated with me he could not figure this out but with the phisical therapist help they finally put a name to it. I did't think I had the flu for over 3 months. But getting back to you hang in there these people seem to understand and I thank them. (((((hugs to you but softly)))))))))))) Bobbette I am a mom & grandma
  13. sharie

    sharie New Member

    that everyone has been able to give to me. it ahs been one week now since I know for sure and I am off to meet a new rhuemie for some opinions. The pain totally sucks but I do find the coping to be the hardest.....maybe because it is the beginning.
    thanks again for all of your kind words,