Newly diagnosed Down Under.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jeniwren, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. jeniwren

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    Hi to all,

    I've just been diagnosed 2 days with FMS. It has come as bit of a shock to find that all the symptoms that I have are related and cover an actual illness. I was begining to think I was going mad or imagining things.

    Previously I had been told that I have arthritis in my back and a slipped disc. Yeah well those two things are there, but they don't cause all the pain I'm in. Nor do they explain the extreme stiffness that never seems to go away or the pain in my feet and hands. The weight gain, the tiredness, the irritable bowel syndrome, the weird memory problems etc.
    It's been great and sad to read everyone's posts. Great to find I'm not alone and going crazy, but sad to find so many people are hurting too.

    Hoping you all have some peace today.
  2. 1maqt

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    You have come to a great place! There is tons of info here, especially on the Library site. You will find that we all have gone through much of the same misdiagnosis, emotional stress of trying to find out what exactly is wrong.

    The relief that it has a name is such a great relief!! There are a lot of very kind and understanding people on
    this board. Very willing to give what information we have.

    I am a 58 yr old mother of 6 grown children, grandmother of 18. Have had FMS for over 20 yrs. It is impossible to state the mental agony of not knowing why we feel so badly. For me with a large family it was allways stress!! Well duh!!

    So happy that you found this site, and hope it meets your needs. LOL ~1maqt~
  3. jeniwren

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    Thank you nink and 1maqt. It's nice to be welcomed. I'm sure I will find plenty of information and support here.

    (Yes Australia is a big place. I'm right down the south.
    My partner & I are trying to plan a trip to the US for late this year or early next. As everyone here is aware planning is a feat in itself.)

    Have a peaceful day