newly diagnosed with cfs

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    Dont know where to health problems started about 4 years ago when I developed a form pf psoriasis that affects your hands and feet, I had it for two years and the second year I was unable to walk so ended up in a wjeelchair. I was put on methatrexate(immune supressant) and it cleared it and I have been in remission for 2 years. I had problems with my joints at the time also.

    Then last year I became very unwell with weird sxs, numbness down one side, pain in joints and muscles,tachycardia, rashes and other stuff I cant rememnber.

    I moved to Australia a year ago and I had been well for over a year before moving here...then a couple of months in I got the flu and the sxs hung around, esp joint pain..dr though it was psoratic arthritis.

    Fast forward to 6 weeks ago and again sore throat...turned into living nightmare, much worse than last 2 times, weakness down one side with numbness, really painful and stiff joints, all muscles tense and painful. Palpitations and chest pain, dizzy and breathless and memory is shot even having trouble writing this...saw rheumy this week, horrible man...he dx cfs then called to say blood test showed very low level of cortisols so could have addissons disease. Also my cardiac function has been altered by the virus that has activated the cfs...I need to go on beta blockers but waiting for echo I am in limbo, they are treting symptoms...did end up in a&e b/c of numbness and trouble breathing they did ct scan, chest x rays etc so I know its not a tumour but I swear to god my memory is getting worse by the day,,,and I am really struggling. Any advice would be great.
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    Welcome to our group. I do not have CFS, I have FM but I understand your confusion. There are a lot of people here with CFS so I am sure you will be getting some advice and asnwers shortly.

    We are all here to support each other and help each other. Feel free to ask questions, tell us of your experiences, tell jokes or post a rant.
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    Hi Chloe

    Welcome to the board. So sorry you are going through so much. These Chronic diseases are tough. I wish you the best

    I think you have come to a good spot, seems there are quite a few people on the board very knowledgable and I am sure you will find it helpful

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    Yes about3 years ago I think I had very sinilar sxs and my gp then sent me to e checked for lupus...I also saw great dr who sepciaises in lupus and he was sure I dont hvae it.

    SOme of my sxs are the same some are far worse that they were back then and the memory loss is def a new sx...this is my third flare now and at least it looks like I dont have psoratic arthritis even tho I dont want to have it it is th easiest thing to treat...I havlf expected to walk in and him out me on methotrexate as I havd been on ib before...long story hands too stiff to type this early in the day.