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  1. jaomi

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    hi all,
    im 21 and from uk. ive been sick since i was 14 and from the age of 16 i was told i had M.E. a few days ago i was diagnosed with fibro. i dont really know what to do now.
    any advice would be great but what id really like also, is a link to a good site that explains exactally what fibro is, because my familly just dont understand it yet and i dont have the energy to explain it. im so exhausted all the time and i hurt everywhere. my brain is always tired and i constantly feel like i have a sinus problem. i cant concertrate or anything. i cant even wash myself regularly, i need help to do it. things are just so bad i cant explain it.
    im not too depressed though because the doctor who diagnosed fibro was very helpful to me and seemed positive. i have a great fiance and im sure things will get better (eventually!). i just not sure what hapens now.
    what did you guys feel when you first got the diagnosis?
  2. MamaR

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    so sorry that you are in this you are so young.

    I do know that this site is so helpful! It has helped me greatly. There are so many nice people here...always ready to listen and uplift!

    I have suffered since about 1987...actually before that...but back then docs didn't know what to do! I was finally DX about 4 years ago. I know that I saw a Rhuemy and he DX me with it!

    Try to take it easy as possible... and listen to your body!

    God bless....MamaR
  3. jaomi

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    thank you everyone who's replied. you've been very welcoming and lovely.
    i know im quite young to have this but ive been sick since i was 14 so im getting used to that (bye bye youthful fun times! lol!). i was told for a long time that i was just depressed (or lazy!!!) and got no help. my gp said when i was 16 'i dont believe in ME but thats what you have' and i couldnt beleive it. he still says 'theres something very psychological going on with you' as his answer to every thing. but the specialist is brilliant. its worth sticking with the crapy gp just to see the specialist he refers me to!
    its a little scarey having all this so young because i wonder what can be in my future but i guess that would be the same even if i was 90!
    ive had millions of blood tests but nothing more in depth than that.
    i currently take tramadol and paracetemol for ain and i'll soon be back on amitriptyline for sleep and pain too.
    anyways, thanks.
    i hope you are all having good days!
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    Hello I know how you feel I am 25 and had the signs since I was in my early teens but as i got older had children ect all the dr's kept saying i was out of shape or just overworked ect until I finally "snapped" one day while at the dr and I told him i was tired of being told i was out of shape when i know there was something else wrong I explained the chronic fatigue and how i hurt all over how severe my depression was well he was fast to determine that it was indead fibro. So i can relate to beign young and having it plus i also have a disabled husband and 4 kids under the age of 7. Good luck to you hope your dr can help you and help you to remain positive.
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  5. atowne

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    Hi im newly diagnosed too and I feel for you esp. at your age . I have never really been on one of these message boards so not sure how this goes . Good luck and im here for you
  6. Musica

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    It always saddens me to hear when someone as young as you suffers from FM or other conditions with chronic pain. The loss of youth, of what you should be enjoying, just isn't right.

    I'm glad you have found a place to come for support. It does help so much to have a group of people around who truly understand what you are going through! There is an excellent story, I think primarily developed for lupus but it perfectly fits any condition with fatigue. It is called "The Spoon Theory". Google "butyoudontlooksick" or "The Spoon Theory". It is a superb illustration of what it is like to suffer from fatigue. Other than that, you can find info on this site about fibro. There is also The National Fibromyalgia Association with good basic info on FM.

    It sounds like you have had to deal with this for several years on your own, without family understanding what you have been dealing with. I hope you find the resources now to help you better explain things. Unfortunately, some friends and family will never understand, but at least you will have some resources now to try.