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    Last year I came down with the Fifth disease virus which seemed to linger in body for what seemed an eternity. I still wonder if I am having problems with this. Anyway, I had a horrible time in July of last year and have seen several Dr's and specialist trying to figure out the correct diagnosis. I recently saw a rheumatologist that said "fibromyalgia" but doesn't like to put that as a diagnosis. (not sure why, and I didn't ask) I have read through these posts almost daily since this Dx. I have gained so much comfort, knowing I am not going crazy (after awhile you begin to doubt yourself).
    This is started last July 2002, I was driving along everything seemed fine then oout of the blue, I was experiencing vertigo, I managed to pull off the road safely (by the grace of God) and felt extreme weakness and confusion with trouble focusing. I also had a very hard time opening the car door. I tried calling 911, was unsuccessful at getting a signal and thought, maybe a low blood sugar episode. I ate a protein bar this did not help so I started back on the road by this time in a complete state of panic, all I could think of was getting home. I finally was able to reach my husband he helped me get home.
    I since this time have never been the same since. I have great days and days when I feel a different person literally. I have had every test imaginable and thankfully so have come back normal. I was told I had a simple partial seizure that was brought on by hormones or lack of. Then after havin gmy first aura about 2 months ago the diagnosis was changed to Atypical migraines. I had extreme sensory overload the first two weeks of having the episode, so bad that I had actual detachment feeling 24/7. I know get this feeling when I get ahead of my brain so to speak. I have always been quite sharp and able to multi task with no problems, this seems to be one of the symptoms I have noticed is worse now. I was wondering if this is a fibro thing or a migraine thing. I have a terrible time with flourescent lighting and driving where there is shade to sun. This is all relatively new to me and being diagnosed with the two it's hard to figure out what is what.
    Thank you letting me share, I apologize for the lenght of this post. I've found comfort by reading through your posts of experiences and hope that mine may shed some comfort in knowing there are others going through the same.
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    I've also had alot of viruses over the past few years. Last September I got a bad one. Since then I've had alot of weak spells. I still worked, but could hardly get through the day. I was a bank teller and luckily I kept my wits about me handling all that money. Then in January I got another bad virus. About three weeks after that I crashed. Was in emergency rooms and many doctors appts. I've had every test imaginable and they all came back OK. I've had two MRI's. I can't believe that I can feel so bad and they can't find anything wrong. One day I'll feel pretty good. Can't do alot of work around the house even on those days. Then for two or three days after that I'm useless. My legs just won't get me around very good at all. The brain fog really gets to me. My husband has been so good through all of this. Do you have a feeling of coldness in your legs and arms sometimes. It's hard to explain that feeling. I get headaches everyday and I never used to have that. To try and cook a meal is really a chore. I can't get around in the grocery store to shop so my husband has had to take on that chore. So far I haven't driven. The last time I did drive I found myself on the left side of the road. Scared the heck out of me. I've had to retire from my job. I'm really depressed alot. Man I wish they could come up with a pill to get rid of this. I'm sorry for rambling on here, but I wanted you to know you're not alone in this.
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    Thank you all for responding........I forgot and left out and important part of my previous message, and that was after the intial episode in July, I was almost bedridden for two weeks. I was having trouble with my leg muscles and problem controling my blood sugar. I have no problems with this normally but, during that time I was having low blood sugar episodes it seems 2-4 times a day. Or looking back now possible seizures or migraines, who knows, I may never know. I also had severe insomnia, I don't think a baseball bat could of put me out. I was shaky and had a hard time walking without feeling I was on a boat. Anyway every Doctor I saw came up with something different. I know it is tough for Doctors to find the correct diagnosis when there are literally thousands of illness with similar symptoms. Not having any tests come back showing anything abnormal further complicates the Dx.
    I actually do have a question somewhere in all this jibberish.....Does Fibromyalgia present itself as a flare? Somewhat like Lupus would?
    Could all these things really be from Fibro, or do I just have a number of things going on. Also, didn't mention this early but I am also going through an early perimenopause, started having low estrogen, high FSH levels when I was 35, I am 41 now and have tried several BC pills, but am unable to tolerate the side effects. I am now trying to low carb and get exercise DAILY, sometimes only able to squeese in a few minutes, but it all adds up. I will say since exercising and watching what I eat, I have been sleeping better, finally feeling as though I have entered that stage four.
    Once again, thank you for your shoulders and ears......
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    Dear Kim,
    Welcome to our family - you will get loads of info and caring support here - we are pretty much in the same boat here...
    I recognise a lot of your symptoms. I too have vertigo, travel sickness in cars, and the lights in supermarkets can put me in bed for the rest of the day.
    I was finally diagnosed with CFS recently, after two years of intensified misery - although I suspect I have had this DD a lot longer.
    Just keep on researching, here on this message board (if you have any specific queries, try doing a search on them) and also on the net.
    The very best of luck to you,
    warm hugs
    Mary x