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    I went to a rheumatologist last Tues. and was told I have 2 things going on. He said I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. He gave me only steroids which I refuse to take because of the side effect. He also said fibromyalgia is a mental disorder that my brain was telling my body it hurts. He led me to believe it was all in my head and seemed to be more sympathetic to my husband with dealing with this than he was with me. I would love him to spend 1 hour in my body when the pain is at its worst. My question is if this is considered a mental illness do I need a mental Dr. or should I continue to see this DR? Do these Dr.s actually believe us? The pain is unreal and over the counter pain killers may as well be M&M's. Where should I go for help and understanding? Tracy
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    The last post was well written.I don't have anything to add except that this is a great place to get some of your questions answered along with moral support.We're
    glad you're here! Linda
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    Hi tdavis1,

    Nice to meet you and welcome to the FM and CFS board.

    No, this is not a mental illness. It is very real , but you can feel better then you do now with patience in trying different things to see what works best for you.

    I am suprised that a Rhuematoid doctor would lead you to believe that because it is in the Arthiritis foundation as a legitimate disease. You may need a doctor that is more understanding.

    I am currently seeing a doctor that does not believe in FM myself. But, he does give me medicines that help my pain , he does believe I have pain , but I also have a lot of spinal problems and arthritis, so he has to know that just from that I am in pain.

    I do go to a specialist though and he is trying to help too, I also go to Aqua therapy and am now trying to do the Raw diet. So I am hoping I will start feeling better soon.

    I have found we are all different on here, what helps some does not help others, you have to be patient in finding what is right for you, you will get a lot of support and help on here though, you came to the right place

    my best to you

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    Hi Tracy, and welcome to the board. You will find lots of support and information here. Ask all the questions you want!
    If you have RA, you will have to keep seeing a Rheumatologist. It can be debilitating if not treated. However, for the Fibro, get another Doctor. You might be able to find another Doc. who will treat both.
    All of us here will disagree strongly with your Doc. It is not all in your head; the pain is real and you need proper pain relief.

    Good Luck
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    Thank you all, I am so thankful I found this. I have to find some relief before I lose my job. I have also been sick for the last 8 weeks. strep throat, bronchitis , innner ear is that because of the fibromyalgia?