Newly dx with FMS

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  1. moondncr

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    Hello to All,
    I was just dx with FMS & osteoarthritis but, from what I have been reading here I feel I also have CFS. I was not given any info on it when I ask the nurse she said they only had info in spanish so to just check on the net. What with that?
    I know now that I had this for quit awhile just from the information Im reading here. I so glad to put a name to all this and that Im not just crazy or something. what bother me so much is the memory fog and messing my words up when talking sometimes at the end of the day I ask myself what am I wearing? and if I dont look down at myself I can't remember what I have on... The pain also makes it so hard to sleep and you just always feel tired my favorite saying is Im so tired of feeling tired....
    The Dr did give me ultracet and told me to keep using the vioxx but with the ultracet it did help on thursday when the pain in my hip and leg had me crying which for me to do mean the pain was bad but , honestly I dont know if he want me to use the meds for the arthritis or the FMS?
    Im at a lost. I am grateful that I found this site today it has already helped just knowing Im not alone.any advice would help.
    Hugs to all
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    Welcome! sorry to meet under the circumstance of FM~
    It a real a** kicker huh? I was Dx 10 yrs ago at the age of 30.I had to give up alot for this DD!! I'm on the ultracet too,it helps somewhat~Dulls the pain a bit. I'd love to get complete relief but from all the things I've tried so far, I have'nt even come close. I got a chuckle out of you saying that if you did'nt look down at yourself,you would'nt even recall what you were wearing!!That goes with the territory of FM!! When I go pick up my kids at school and all the children come running outside,I try to think"what color jacket does he have on".....and I never can remember!!I put things away and then can't find them~ My memory is that of a 90 yr old!! Anyway i'm glad you found us.Hope to get to know you better~(if I can remember you~lol)
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    Glad you found this place---it is a wonderful source of all kinds of information about FM/CFS, and many conditions that can occur along with those. I don't take any pain meds right now (I have a lot of bad med reactions) but I take supplements, and I DO have ultracet, I've just never had to use it ---yet. One thing I've learned is not to exclude any possibility, I never say never! I usually handle the pain & fatigue better than the neurological symptoms (tingling, twitching muscles, hands that feel swollen---those things are the worst for me!)

    I truly learn something new, some new nugget of information, almost every time I come here. Most of what I know about FM, I learned here. So I'm sorry you have this diagnosis, but glad you found the right place for knowledge & support from people who truly can understand. Welcome!

  4. Fibromiester

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    Hi, Natalie,
    I had to laugh about "what am I wearing today" - Oh, yes, this happens so often, or something like it...I carry around a pad and pen in my purse to mark down which "lane" my car is parked in when I go to the store! I always must jot down thoughts WHILE I'm thinking them, or they're GONE! Like what I want to ask my hubby later, or as I'm cooking, an item I'll need to buy at the grocery...
    My words get all jumbled up too. And if I'm exited or upset, I'll have no idea as to what I've gotten across! I'll ask the person, "Did I make sense?"! Even when I type, I have to read + re-read to see if it makes any sense! And Sometimes when it comes to spelling a word- I'll draw a Complete BLANK! I'll say the word over & over, and have NO idea how to spell it!
    I use Vioxx for Arthritis-type pain, and meds like Ultracet for the FM pain. But you should ask your Dr. of course. You should LEARN all you can about the different kinds of pain they are- and be treated for BOTH. Tell your Dr. you CRY the pain is so bad. I, for one don't believe anyone should have to live in pain like that, with all the miracle drugs out there. Our Government and the Medical Profession are so Paranoid of turning us into "junkies". Pah-leeeze!!

    Hey, Natalie!

    I came here to WELCOME YOU ! And ended up Venting !!

    I am sorry you must come here with FM, but I hope you will learn a lot, and make many friends, and find the folks here as Friendly as I have ! You will teach us a lot, too, by sharing with us!
    Be sure to visit the "library" section, and look up articles of interest to you. There is SO much info there!

    Welcome Aboard!!

  5. moondncr

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    just want to thank you all who shared with me information and support.
    I still cant beleive it or how bad things can't get for us I'm having a bad day so tired and of course pain and to top it off my co-worker tells me "Oh Your always tired whats new" same old story...
    That's not what I need on a day like today..
    this site is a heaven sent for me.
    Hugs to All
  6. averilpam

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    about tired of being tired. I started thinking recently, couldn't remember the last time I met a friend who said 'how are you' and didn't answer 'tired'
    I've found sometimes by the time I get a pen and paper, or my trusty 'Palm' to write myself a reminder, I've already forgotten it!! I sometimes stop mid sentence as I've lost what I was saying!!