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    I was dx last week with fibro after several years of going from doc to doc. I had all kinds of tests from various neuros and rheumies, a full immune panel which revealed an ANA of 640, but no particular immune disorder. First they thought it was MS, but nothing showed on the brain MRI. A sleep study finally confirmed it as it showed some sort of alpha wave disorder that keeps me from getting to the deep stages of sleep. The neuro put me on Lyrica. I am very dizzy and sleepy now. I went to the neuro for my extreme fatigue (was falling asleep at work and while driving) and my pain and now its worse! The Lyrica seems to be helping with the pain, but it's making me very tired! Anyone else on Lyrica for FM and if so, how is it working for you?

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    Hi and WELCOME!
    Sorry to hear you were Dx'd w/FM, but at least you have a diagnosis.

    I've never tried Lyrica. I just wanted to thank you for the idea!

    Sorry no help.
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    The neuro says that Lyrica is new for FM and that it is supposed to help with pain AND help you sleep. Then he goes into the list of side effects, which include weight gain (oh, gee thx), dizziness and sleepiness. I questioned him on why he would give me a drug that would make me tired, when my chief complaint was fatigue. He told me to give it a few weeks and try it out. I started at 75mgs twice a day, then yesterday moved up to 150 mgs twice a day. After taking it, I go into a fog and sometimes feel like i'm sitting here with a glazed over look. I could really curl up on my desk at work and sleep! Hoping others may have some experience in this.