Newly dx'd with Bipolar II, any advice?

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    Hi all!

    I was just diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder recently and would sooooo appreciate any ideas, advice or comments on the subject! I know there are others here who have it so please feel free to share with me. I mostly only know what my shrink has told me or what little I have read off the internet. I feel a little sad and depressed by the whole concept really, so I am avoiding doing too much research right now! My mom JUST told me that she thinks my dad had it along with his alcoholism. He died at the age of 43 mostly I think from masking the bipolar by drinking!

    Anyhow, I am not one to post much but feel the need to reach out as I know this can be a very serious mental condition. Thankfully, the meds my dr. put me on are finally starting to work after 10 days! I am now off of work on an extended sick leave and not sure if I will even be able to return. I work as a Clinical Aide at an Elementary School and take care of kiddos all day as well as computer work, paperwork and help in the office. My job requires everything I've got as I have also been sick with fibro, CFS, Panic Disorder, IBS and now the Bipolar dx.

    I am feeling scared and unsure of what to expect now and in the years to come. So please, I need some help and am on the msg. board on and off almost every day now! I have been trying to help others here mostly because I am a very nurturing person but am now feeling the need for help myself! A very kind person on the msg. board suggested I post this thread and I took her advice.

    Faith, Peace and Comfort to all, Julie (Earthdog)

    PS. My dr. told me that the biplolar was probably masked by the fibro and CFS and took for me to have a "breakdown to get the dx!
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    I'm sure you are scared. I keep you in my prayers. I wish I had some info for you but really don't know much about bi-polar. I do know that many control it well with meds. It sounds as though your meds are working for you. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Julie,

    Sorry you are dealing with all of this.

    I ask you to consider that something caused each one of these symptoms that you have....very possibly an infectious pathogen, or more than one infection.

    There is one very complex bacterial spirochete that is known for causing symptoms that are very often diagnosed as FM, CFS, Panic Disorder, IBS, Bipolar disorder and many other things...

    The bacteria is Borrelia burgdorferi.

    Please read this information, it could change your life...

    Then look at page 24 of the following booklet (or also known as page 13 at the bottom of the pdf document) where it says, "Have you been diagnosed with:".....

    Then after you read that, go back and start at the beginning of this booklet. Look at the long symptom list associated with tick-borne many symptoms do you have?

    Lyme disease is known as the Great Imitator, because it mimics all sorts of diseases. Dr's are not educated about lyme and therefore many people go undiagnosed and only treat all the symptoms for the rest of their lives, instead of the actual cause so they may actually get better.

    You see, basically all of the diagnoses that you were given have no known cause.

    Well, common sense tells us that something did cause all of this!

    Dr's just find it easier to give your symptoms a name and then their job is done. They should be looking for the cause, but they don't. That means that you will suffer for the rest of your life, and that is not right.

    More info:

    You should see a Lyme literate MD and be assessed for tick-borne diseases such as Lyme, Bartonella (spread by cats, fleas and ticks and can also cause psychiatric disorders and alot of other symptoms), Babesia, etc.

    I urge you to go to on Flash discussion....sign up for on the Medical Questions posts, search old topics and post your own questions about your history and symptoms.

    There are tons of very intelligent people there on a fast moving board.

    Then I urge you to click on the Seeking a Doctor Board on lymenet and create a post asking for a Lyme literate MD in your state.

    Many of us have been tested for lyme and tested negative (very common) and therefore that diagnosis was ruled out. That is very wrong!! Testing is very inaccurate and lyme should never be ruled out just because of a negative test.

    Lyme is actually a clinical diagnosis based on history, symptoms, exam and lab results.

    It sounds like you have too many of the symptoms of lyme and associated tick-borne disease for this to be a coincidence.

    I urge you to keep an open mind and read all the info.

    I will be glad to give you more info anytime.

    Hope to see you on where I am Dekrator48.

    Good luck!

  6. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    Here is a recent article about Lyme being the Great Imitator:
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    who I know has had the panic disorder and Bipolar II (no CFS though) She said that she thinks that if you get on the right medicine or med combo for the Bipolar, it will probably greatly improve the symptoms of the panic disorder. Apparently it did for her.

    She also said that it isn't unusual for people to have to try half a dozen different medications to find what works best for them -- and that your doctor should be open to trying different ones if you find the first choice doesn't work well for you.

    She was very hopeful for you though, since you're feeling improvement in just 10 days. So maybe you got lucky and got the right medicine for you on the first try!

    Apparently most of these meds take time to build up to the proper levels in your system, and can take a month to feel the full effects of some of them.

    That's all the info from my friend, but she and I both wanted to wish you all the best. I wish I had more info to share, but hopefully someone on the boards here can share more insight.

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    Thanks so much for all of the advice/info, it is truly appreciated. I will check it all out but it may take a little time for I am moving slowly these days. I can't seem to be able to get anything done and my typing and spelling has been very bad! My Internal Med. dr. and my psychiatrist both say that I inherited this from my father and possibly my greatgrandmother. I know that many diseases are geneticically caused. My mom, sister and I all have Panic Disorder and my sister and I both have fibro,CFS and Panic Disorder. My son and niece also have Panic Disorder!

    Anyhow, I will check out these sites because, you never know,right?
    Thank you so much for all of your time and effort put into your reply and for caring enough to try to help me! I look forward to more replies and more info as I am really confused!

    Thanks again Nanie,
    Faith, Peace and Love , Julie :)
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    Thanks so much for your reply, it really helped esp. since your friend has Bipolar also and had such great advice! I feel very fortunate that the new meds seem to be working but also know that it may take time for them to adjust. Hearing that I could have to change meds to find the right fit is a little scary but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get well!

    To you and your friend thanks again and I will keep what you said in mind as it just helps SO much to get advice from others with Bipolar! Janelle, does your friend have Bipolar I or II? Any more info on this subject is truly welcomed!

    You are very caring people and good luck to you both with any DD's you may have. What are your DD's Janelle? I am also very willing to read and share any of my thoughts, info or advice!

    Faith, Peace and Love, Julie
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    Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention, my friend's condition is bipolar II. I'll send her your thanks. I know she was glad to help. (I was too. And I wanted to talk to her anyway, so it was win/win, right?)

    As far as my own conditions -- I've been diagnosed only with Fibromyalgia, although I also have CFS and chemical sensitivity. I'm doing pretty well with them right now, fortunately.

    Best wishes,

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  11. Nanie46

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    Hi Julie,

    Thank you for being open-minded.

    It is very possible that your family has all been exposed to Bartonella (even more common than lyme) and lyme too.

    Since families often spend time in the outdoors together it can happen alot.

    Watch the Under Our Skin documentary if you can...they talk about families all being infected.

    Also, tick borne diseases can be transmitted from mother to fetus through the placenta and mother to infant through sometimes what seems like it is inherited, was actually transmitted from mother to baby, or the whole family was infected environmentally.

    Especially for the family members who have only panic disorder.....highly suspicious for Bartonella infection.
  12. Nanie46

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  13. earthdog2000

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    Wow, never heard of that ! I am going to go on the web right now and look up the Fuduka CFS. Thanks sooooo much, I'll let you know what I find out!

    Faith, Peace and Love, Julie
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    Hi outofstep!

    I did about 2 hours of research on Fukuda CFS and it was very confusing to say the least. Even though their were positive articles on this there were also negative ones! Although the research and articles were from Dec. of 2004 I still believe that they could be very true and will talk to my psychiatrist about this on Thur. when I see him! He even said to me on my last visit to him that with the new meds for bipolar that I am on, my Panic Disorder, CFS and fibro symptoms could improve! Interesting !

    Wow, what if this is true and I don't have CFS? I am very excited about this possibility and look forward to seeing how this all plays out! I will keep you posted and thank you SO very much for this info......I am praying that I don't have CFS even if I do have fibro and bipolar disorder! I am trying to find a light at the end of this tunnel I am in and hope that you are right! How and where did you hear about Fukuda CFS?

    Thanks again, I wish you good health and hope you find the answers you are seeking to get well!

    Faith, Peace and Love, Julie

    P.S. What DD's do you have and how are you doing?

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    Thank you so very much to everyone who has replied! It has helped me a lot to know that others here understand and can help. I now know that I have a lot of work to do as far as research goes.......thanks to all who have replied with links! I will check all of the links out as I already have some. I don't think I fit the criteria for Lyme disease, however I will ask my dr. for a referrel to get tested. I am definetly going to ask my shrink on Thurs. about the Fukuda CFS theory.

    To those of you who have replied who also have bipolar II thanks so much for making me feel less alone! It's very hard to know that I have had this but it was masked by the CFS and fibro and that I will have this for the rest of my life!! I will continue to read all replies and take any ideas, suggestions, links, etc. seriously for I know how this will help me to adjust. I believe that with all of the DD's we all have that we can never get too much info,right?

    I pray every night that all of us will get better and be able to lead a more functional life and get well. I also meditate, do visualization esp. when I am having a panic attack or the pain gets real bad and read a lot of inspirational books! I know that I can "handle" this with all of the support from family, friends, my drs. and all of you here on this msg. board! I'm surprised there is not a board here for mental illnesses, any ideas why?

    Thanks again, :)

    Faith, Peace and Love, Julie (Earthdog)

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    I may not have any mind blowing info for you, but I just wanted to say hello and hang in there. I also have bipolar running in my family genes, my father's side and my daughter. I've been cursed w major depr for the last 15 yrs or so, and always had some depr since childhood.

    If you don't mind, could you share what your moods have been like? I've had it mentioned before that I might actually have some sort of bipolar mood consists of a range of depr states and anger and major irritability. I never get happy, energetic manic states.

    My 19 yr old daughter is devel disabled (4-7 yr old cognitively), bipolar, autistic spectrum, oppositional defiant etc. She swings from calm, to angry, aggressive, irritable, happy, sad withing seconds...and can stay in a horrible manic, angry, violent phase for wks. She's on a combo of meds, has been since she was 4 yrs old. But her brain functions differently due to her autism, cognitive problems, processing disorders etc.

    Anyway, there are so many different variations to all of these dds that we face. I also have the dreaded FM/CFS and am fighting my way thru a terrible stretch of perimenopause. Ugh. I recently changed my anti-depr after many yrs on Prozac...still waiting to see if I improve at all. The waiting is so hard.

    It always helps me to read of other's experiences w these dds. We are definitely NOT ALONE! I read about everything I can on the internet, but sometimes just get more confused...I've never quite understood the Bipolar II diagnosis. So many symptoms overlap w other diagnoses, it's hard to tell what we really have sometimes.

    Anyway, glad you posted for support. I know sometimes it's the best thing to do when you're feeling a bit lost. I know I don't have many people to talk to that really understand this place can be very helpful.

    Take care.......xoxo Hermit
  18. Nanie46

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    Hi Julie,

    Just want you to know that Lyme testing is very is usually negative even in people who really do have lyme.

    I have lyme and I tested negative.

    The ELISA is totally worthless.

    A western blot from typical labs like Labcorp and Quest is usually negative because they have left out some very crucial lyme specific bands and they only include one species of borrelia bacteria in their testing methods.

    Also, the most sick patients have dysfunctional immune systems and often are not producing antibodies for lyme that would show up on the tests.

    Read this:

    Please do not rely just on testing to rule out lyme.

    Ask your Dr to order a western blot from Igenex...a specialty lab dealing with tick borne diseases.

    Get test #188 and #189, western blot IgG and IgM.... must prepay except for Medicare and can submit to insurance to see if they'll pay.

    Blood can be drawn locally and fedex'd to Igenex. Call and get a free test kit with prepaid fed ex label. Have blood drawn on a Mon or Tues morning so blood will get to Igenex before the weekend.

    Then post your individual band results.

    I was wondering why you say you don't meet the criteria for lyme?

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  20. earthdog2000

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    Thanks so much for your reply, it really helped! I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter has so many disabilities/DD's. How do you cope with all of your own issues, do you have any help with her? I truly feel compassion for you. I do not know A LOT about her issues but am a Clinical Assistant at a local ES and take care of a lot of kids with some of her issues and so know/understand some of it. I am now on an extended leave from my job and do not know if I will return or apply for disability yet.

    I can list some of the the symptoms I have but first read the reply from Zenouchy. I am now reading from the website she gave me and it is wonderful! I can tell you that my main symptoms lately have been depression and manic issues but am feeling more stable after 12 days on the new meds! I am very hopeful that these will help me! There is Bipolar I and Bipolar II and I have been dx'd with Bipolar II.

    I have not felt the manic states until I had my "breakdown" and afterwards. In looking back and with my sister's memory I think I was bipolar since age 12 or so and only felt as if "in remission" when my son was born and until he was about 2-3 years old. Only then when I started drinking when my son was with his visits to his dad did I feel depression and manic states again! I think the drinking brought out these states because I would feel manic when buzzed then wake up and feel very depressed and guilty! I hid this from my son as to not frighten him in any way. I just recently told him about the bipolar dx and he has been very supportive and loving! He is now 26 years old.

    Thank you again for your reply and I hope I helped you some too! Keep me posted okay? I am soooo fortunate to have family and a few friends that are very supportive right nowas well as this msg. board and am truly thankful to you and others who have replied! Do you have family or friend support? I truly hope so!

    Faith and Peace to you, Julie/Earthdog :)
    P.S. I just read your profile and I too have a very dear husband, Thank God for them! I also don't know how they do it with all of our issues!!

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