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  1. Rain122865

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    Jellybelly would you like to get us started? If we all add to it, this post should stay near the front. If not we can pull it back up with a bump if it works.
  2. Rain122865

    Rain122865 New Member

    Jellybelly would you like to get us started? If we all add to it, this post should stay near the front. If not we can pull it back up with a bump if it works.
  3. Cactuslil

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    Not everything unearthed is validated but just knowing it is out there is a help for me.
    My big thrill of late is the connection finally confirmed by researchers that there is a connection between the peti'mal seizures and our (FMSers) cognitive problems.

    That was my first really big, overwhelming symptom after I had my last child at 44. It, the differing types of memory loss have changed since that day eight years ago when "we", my family all thought each was playing tricks. I have losses, real losses, and they tend to becoming more and more related to the moment to moment type of memory.

    This loss has now been proven by researchers. Explains why meds like neurotin, tegretal et al. help. Less seizures (mostly invisible to the untrained), less losses!

    My new mysery is akin to what I think narcolepsy is...and it affects my driving seriously. I will be functioning well then zap I blink and could just fall asleep! Later. Lil'
  4. Rain122865

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    Mycoplasma Infection
    Disease Agents Weaponised
    Government's Secrets
    Who can we trust
    West Nile Virus
    Conspiracy Theory
    What year had the largest amount of cases
    Whats new in the news
    Anything and Everything? I took alot from the one posting about goverment cover up/liabilty because that one seemed to get alot of responses. Just some ideas to see if we can get something going.

  5. Rain122865

    Rain122865 New Member

    I didnt mean to end up with a JOKER sheesh...though I had clicked on the little book hope this new thread wont be a joke!
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    Hi Rain,

    Are you wanting folks to research the topics you have posted? If so, sounds fun! When given a specific topic, I love doing research, and am pretty good at putting repots together.

    Jaimy, are you the one who gets paid for doing med research? I would LOVE to discuss this with you!

    Let Miracles Replace all Grievances
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    but I can't help wondering who you're working for every time you mention your research. Just was wondering if you could say so.
    I'm just being nosey.
  8. Rain122865

    Rain122865 New Member

    Jamiy and Jelly if you have good articles that you have already posted why not repost them here to give us a jumping off place to start a building base?
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    just bumping it up for you
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    Have not been here for awhile ...had not been feeling very good. But hoping that maybe this can start? The small pox information was very good that I read on here and those are the types of things I think that would go well under a post like this it would make it so much easier to find new infromation and new research especailly when you are in a fog or very tired instead of trying to look back through all of the pages. Here is hoping maybe we can get it all in one place and easy to find when we are having one of those days or weeks or months?
  11. Rain122865

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    I will look for your bumped up post....I had a very bad flare for over a month and just getting up and in the shower was a job. Starting new pain meds and feeling better now I hope to catch up on all of the new things that I have missed, wish so much they were all in one I have been here for 5 hours trying to find all the new information for the past month! It is alot of postings to go through. So thank you again for bumping it for me!

    P.s. can a moderator get rid of my little joker??? lol