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    Hi all :) I saw this blog and thought some of you may be interested in sharing.

    Have you been denied welfare? R U living in poverty? R U unfit for work/employment?

    This woman has a friend who works for a local newspaper in Boston, and I guess he got sick of hearing her constant rants about ME/CFS and the many injustices and indignities that go along with having this crappy disorder. Thus he has asked her to write an article about ME/CFS, specifically about the financial implications i.e. being unfit for work/unemployment, being denied welfare benefits, living in poverty etc. The newspaper is involved heavily with the homeless, so that's why it's from that angle.

    Does anyone have a story of financial struggle, living in poverty, being homeless or being refused government assistance etc. that they would be happy for her to quote in the article? Any help at all would be fantastical :) Her name is... Rachael

    If you have a story and want it to be considered in the news article in Boston, do NOT post it here but you can post your story to the following blog...

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    Yes, its been a long time since we touched base. I don't have a story to share re your posted topic, but came out to this site for the first time in a while & thought about checking for your name. Good to see that you're still active on this board.

    Reading a few of your more recent posts, I know that you're still struggling with the CFS/FM/MCS symptomology. Sorry to hear that you've not gotten the improvements that you spent so much effort in obtaining over the past several years. I know how many docs & alternative folks you're seen over the years, so I truly feel for you & sincerely hope that as time passes, you will find some of the answers to your health problems.

    I did also want to ask if you ever addresed the mercury amalgam issues & got the work done on your teeth. I can say now, nearly 8 years after going through my amalgam & metal crown replacements , that my symptomology has improved immensely. I'm still seeing a holistic D.O. in the Detroit area who monitors my thyroid meds (Armour) & also provides a sounding board for whatever other problems may crop up from time to time. I still struggle with sinus problems, esp during these long cold Michigan winters & also have not completely gotten over the lightheadedness that has plagued me for nearly 17 years now. So, I'm not 100%, but I've come a long way from where things were & I've gotten steady improvements over the past 5-7 years.

    Ironically, to this day, I'm still using some of the supplements that Dr Conley recommended to me back in the mid 90's & I'm still taking klonopin at bedtime. I don't really know if some of the supps I'm taking are actually doing any good still,,,,,,but at this point I'm almost afraid to stop some of them,,,,,because of how useful they've been over the years.

    Hope you see this message at some point & have time to respond. Would be great to hear from you. Have thought about you over the past few years & finally got out here to find you. i often wonder too about Sbilek,,,,but see that she has not posted here in a long time.

    Take care & God bless.

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