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    Silly me I did this backwards and listened to my PCP and others tell me how Savella wasn't an AD even though it worked like one, it worked alike but was NOT even in the same family. Hhhhmmmmmm???

    WRONG!!!!!!! When I first started Savella on July 1, 2009 I was taking 150mg of Effexor XR. I was concerned that I would be double dosing on AD's by taking Effexor in conjuction with Savella so I approached by PCP with my concern. "Don't worry about it, they work generally the same but aren't in the same family, you won't be double dosing". I listened and stayed on both, with Savella @ 100mg, Effexor @150mg. In my heart I still felt I was doubling but I'm a trusting soul especially since I love my PCP as he was the only one who would listen to my pain.

    Well since that time I have begun with a new pain clinic, this Dr. knows what she's talking about. She upped my Savella to 200mg daily and took me off Effexor and about five other various drugs I was one. I had tried everything previously and it hadn't worked so I thought I would go her route and see where it got me. She didn't do anything radical such as take me off pain meds, discount my pain, or treat me like I was cracked (at least after she got the evaluation back from my drug urinalysis and Drug Pysch. evaluation from a certified Pain Psychiatrist). Oh, and get this, 2 tablets of Percocet 10/650's is a "Low Dose". Imagine that, and here I was all freaked out because I thought I was a drug addict.

    Sheeesh, thank you internet and thank you smart people.

    Soooooo, much long overdue and now that I'm off Effexor, I thought I would do a little research of my own since I'm fighting the swine flu and have more time to think about what I've done differently lately to get me to this point.

    After reading up on Savella (I'm pretty sure this wasn't here when I SKIMMED for Savella back in April) I came across an interesting article that explained what Savella really is.
    An anti-depressant that is already in use in two different countries under the name of Milnacipran, we just don't have it here in the USA yet. Nor is approved by the FDA for the treatment of FM.

    I found this on
    Cypress is developing milnacipran for the treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). Milnacipran is the first of a new class of agents known as norepinephrine serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or NSRIs, which increase the level of norepinephrine more than they do serotonin, from Cypress BioScience.

    The difference in NSRI's vs SNRI's-like Effexor? This one increases norepinephrine more than serotonin. Oh, ok. What?????? This led to an article that explained the neurotransmitters, serotonin and norepinephrine, in terms even I could understand.

    It helps to understand the neurotransmitters better, in order to comprehend the difference between the NSRI's and SNRI's (if you understand them already don't bother with this).
    I had a minor grasp on the transmitter concept, but this article, complete with illustrated story titled "GABAs in the Hood" by Marcia Purse was most enlightening.

    web address:

    This second web site is Savella in a nutshell.

    web address:

    Lesson learned? "A rose by any other name is still a rose", or a dirty sock.

    Best of luck on this,

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  2. so is it helping yi=ou, did you get the pack that slowly ups the mgs and how about the side effects?
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    I wasn't that impressed with Savlella untill two things happened.

    1) The new pain Dr. said I could take Salvella and Lyrica together. Good move that one.

    2) Until my new Dr. bumped me up to 200mg max dose and completely took me off Effexor.

    I am very happy with the change. I never felt that Effexor was doing anything for me, especially what they claimed it would do "Reduce pain". I feel as if I have a bit of my old self back, not so foggy, and I don't mind crying every now and again. It's right and natural for women to blubber every now and again, especially at important events. My daugher told be she was going to give us our first grandchild by this thanksgiving (two weeks) and all I could come up with back then was "oh, thats wonderful, I'm going to be a Nanna", My inlaw counterpart is over there jumping up and down with the proper tears and joy that should have accompanied that announcement. Who would you rather be? Off of Effexor? Priceless.

    Just make sure you are worked up to the proper amt of Savella before you completely abaondon your old AD. It just helps me feel more ............more. I hope other have the luck that I have.
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    Thanks for the link to the article. I just spent a good hour reading some great, easy to read, informative articles over there. I liked that site a lot, I'd never really checked it out before.

    I've tried explaining some of this info to friends and family because many people don't have any idea how important neurotransmitters are for our entire body.

    My PCP is very much involved in researching and trying treatments to balance neuros, and all biochemistry involved. He has an autistic son, so that's the primary reason he began studying this area...and a lot of the biochem stuff overlaps for different conditions (autism, CFS, metabolic disorders, etc.). He's always drawing diagrams and explaining his findings that relate to my dds...awesome doctor!

    Yes, there are so many meds that are reformulated and renamed when patents expire. Effexor has been "remade" a few times, I have taken it before too (without success). I try to research new meds before taking them, due to some not so pleasant experiences I've had in the past.

    We really have to watch out for ourselves, glad you got your stuff straightened out. And thanks again for the info.....H

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