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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scrappnmom, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. scrappnmom

    scrappnmom Member

    Jamin and others, I wanted to let you know how I am doing after my epidural injections. I had my 1st one 2 weeks ago and have done pretty well. The day after I had it I bent over to get clothes out of the dryer and had a sharp pain in my lower back. It happened 2 more times that evening and I was so afraid the injection hadn't worked. I called the pain doctor the next day and they said I just needed to be very careful how I move. They reassured me that it didn't mean it didn't work. They just said it may take 3-5 days before I can really tell a difference. They also said I have a lot of degenerative disc disease and that the injection would not fix that but would reduce the inflammation. My pain has been somewhat better and until this passed Sunday, I hadn't had any numbness in my legs and feet. This time, though, it only affected my left foot unstead of going all the way up my leg. I felt like that was an improvement. I went today and had my 2nd injection and hopefully I will be much better. I didn't have any bad side effects. It did hurt because of the pressure caused by the injection. But, it was gone by the next day.
  2. scrappnmom

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    Jamin, what problem do you see with cortisone? What is abx? Is Doxycycline a pain med? I'm just trying to keep from having back surgery! At least as long as I can!
  3. Mikie

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    The initial improvement sounds promising. I pray this works for you.

    Love, Mikie
  4. scrappnmom

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    Wow! Count me out on this one! I am terrified of all antibiotics! Except Vancomycin! I have had Clostridium Difficile 3 times! I can't safely take antibiotics because I am high risk for getting C-Diff again! It's terrible! Please make sure you are on a good probiotic when you take this!
  5. scrappnmom

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    Good Luck with your treatment! I hope it helps you! Keep us posted!

    I didn't know that cortisone would harm your bones! That scares me since my Granmother had osteoporosis terribly! I reallydon't want that!
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    I'm with the both of you about avoiding back surgery at all cost.

    Unfortunately I didn't have much choice in the matter. The epidurals didn't phase me and it got to a point where I could stand for 15 minutes or less before the pain would stab me in the back and LITERALLY drop me to my knees.

    I had cracked my back as a gymnast in high school but was never diagnosed with a crack, it only healed incorrectly and they kept telling me I had just pulled and weakened the lower back muscles. Then after delivering five children by C-section and my last one with Severe Cerebral Palsy and was a perpetual infant that I carried like one till he passed away at 14, I used and abused my back till there was no other alternative.

    However, even after seven years I am still on the disabled list. They fused L5/S1 and it still isn't much better. If I am vertical for over five hours and then stop and rest, there is no getting back up. It feels like my vertebra is going to shatter in a million tiny pieces. I am down in bed for the next day and a half. I

    If there is any other way to survive without back surgery DO IT!!!!!!!!

    Scrapp, are you on any opiate type pain medicine, like Tramadol, or Percocet? These opiates I discovered aggravates back pain. It takes away the pain for the first two hours after taking it but then comes back quickly and constantly. You might check to see if there is anything else you can take.

    Best of Luck,
  7. scrappnmom

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    Nah, luckily I am not on any kind of pain medicine besides arthritis medicine? I am taking Meloxicam. With my spinal stenosis my worst symptom is numbness and weakness in my feet and legs, rather than pain. But, I do have some pain from that and Fibromyalgia. I'm so used to the Fibro pain that it doesn't slow me down too much. I just have to pace myself and be careful not to overdo it! It scares me to think about having back surgery. I do not want to have to do that!

    Good luck to you!

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