News Story : Prozac grows NEW brain cells

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    I just read this on MSN homepage . The mechanism of prozac appears to be that it grows new neurons . That is probably why it takes a couple of weeks to work .

    I hope you can find the story as it is interesting .
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    and swell up...hmm maybe it does make you grow more brain cells? maybe that is why i am so darn smart.lo0l

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    gain with it . I still do not think we REALLY undestand the etiology of depression however .
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    i always suggest the book "prozac backlash" by dr. joseph glenmullen. he talks about what he sees in his practice at harvard.i think that it is good reading for anyone thinking about taking ad's for the rest of your life. best to all.
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    I became manic/depressive on Prozac. Very scary time in my life. My mother always says I was a completely different person on Prozac.

    Some people in my life haven't forgiven me for the way I was during that time frame. Some have. I only wish I could erase it.

    Prozac works so well for some; really hurts others.
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    that talks about the pros and cons of Prozac is called "Listening To Prozac".

    Kind of one of those 'is it the brain chemicals or is it the drug?" medico/philisophical debate...

    Anti-depressants saved my life. I would be dead now without them, this I know for certain. Until I was properly treated, I was a hopeless, suicidal alcoholic at 28.

    Thanks to pharmacotherapy, I am sober, a good wife, a good mother and a decent human being. In the old days, I would have been locked up in an asylum for the rest of my life (if I managed to live long enough to get institutionalized in the first place).

    CNS drugs affect each patient differently. Even in this age of high-tech science, it is still trial and error to find what will work for one particular person versus another.

    Madame Curie

    ANNXYZ New Member

    but , I do find the fact about new cells interesting .
    There was speculation a few years ago , that prozac
    negatively affected brain cells .

    I do not blame anyone for wanting to avoid AD's if at all possible ! Many of us who have depression fought the idea a long time ( often to our detriment ) before realizing we could alter our situation without a pill . It simply is not possible for everyone .

    I would love to see researchers figure out what holds the serotonin up in depression. Is it not converted from the amino acids ? Is it destroyed by an enzyme ? Is nutrition a factor ? I know this : Genetics plays a big role .
    My mother , grandmother , brother and one of my daughters is affected . I grew up in an unstable home , so one would not be surprised that I have depression. HOWEVER , my youngest daughter , who thinks her childhood was almost perfect , began showing signs in high school .
    For some of us it is just a fact of life that is unavoidable .

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