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  1. Didoe

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    This is what happened today.
    I went to personnel office to ask for disability forms to take with me later in week to discuss STD with family doc. Lady who would usually give out forms is out sick. Union President who's like a big brother and helped me during divorce, asked what I needed. He sat in when I had my accomodations meeting w/VP so he knows what's going on with job, health.
    I told him I needed the disability forms to discuss with doc since VP was clearly dragging his feet setting accomodations in place, I'm fading fast and have been taking sick days, so I think I just have to take a block of time because I'm fried. I also told him VP had not specified exactly what he was wwaiting to see in terms of a 'treatment plan' because I had already given him a doctors note asking for an adjustment to my schedule and work load because of FM, plus info on what FM is and a clearly written document explaining how it effects me, my work and what I am able to do in spite of it.
    Later in day, he called to say come to his office. He gave me STD and family leave forms.
    Its 3 months at full pay, job guaranteed, no questions, they can't argue any point.
    Then its full pay LTD but current position is not guaranteed, however they cannot fire, they have to find another position. Its in our contract, the only thing I'm required to do is keep up with medical documentation.
    I've taken STD 3x, because of emergency medical hosptializations and when I ruptured my discs. This is the first time I will be out, but not incapacitated with physical illness.

    My question is, please give your thoughts and experience on stating that depression, exhaustion (as well as FM) is part of the reason for STD, because I dont want to jeopardize applying for LTD if we are up front with depression. I know some members mentioned that their applications had been rejected because of depression, saying it wasn't FM, it was depression and thqat didnt qualify them. Its very confusing how arbitrary the procedures appear from the outside. At my age and work record, I dont think no that's its really an issue at this point, but who knows. Thank you for any input or ideas.

  2. NyroFan

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    I went through the same thing, but became more anxious rather then depressed. I am sure it was there, but I was getting anxiety attacks.

    So, I became very active at the church. I had friends who would listen to anything I said. They would also share with me some of their problems.

    Eventually I was given a mild tranquilizer. It helped, along with the daily functions.

    My husband was also bailing out on me due to the illness.
    I guess he just needed any excuse to leave. Well, that was that. I took him for every cent I could, including the house.

    So, like you I had money on the side and did not have that stress.

    If I were you (which I am not) I would get involved in a group of some kind or find a volunteer kind of thing.

    Just do not worry. It will do nothing.

    Get in some really good nutrition and rest, rest, rest.

  3. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    hello nyrofan

    i think you have me confused with another member
    not only dont i have money on the side, i live paycheck to paycheck. my employer pays into our pension plan which we can't touch until we retire, which I havent at age 54. better situation than some members, but i didnt have a husband to take anything from. mine cleaned me out.

    but thanks for the support.
  4. jmq

    jmq New Member

    This is awesome news. I know you are nervous but I think you are going to be fine with getting the STD. Yes, the depression is big...but concentrate on the FMS symptoms. As far as Depression, I think most cover it but not for as long as a physical disability. Do you have a copy of your disabilty policy? I hear getting the LTD is harder. I just got finished cutting and pasting from another earlier thread on disabilty to add to my LTD application and doctors notes. It was posted by FMfriend on 12/2/06 named State Disability. I think if you use this along with your new doctors will happen. The only tricky part is there is usually a place where the employer has to fill out a form. I hope they do it quickly for you...not like they handled the accomodations!!!. Here it is:

    Limitations from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:


    -Overwhelming fatigue, exhaustion, weakness, persistent flu-like symptoms and postexertional malaise lasting more than 24 hours.
    - Persistent intractable muscle and joint pain
    - Headaches of a new severity
    - Unrefreshing sleep
    - Sore throat
    - Impaired short term memory and concentration
    - Visual impairments such as focusing
    - Lightheaded and increased fatigue from prolonged standing
    - Dizziness and vertigo
    - Nausea, bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite
    - Confusion
    - Anxiety, and episodes of sadness/ depression.
    - Decreased libido


    - stand or sit upright for more than a few minutes on relatively bad days.

    - perform activities with a schedule, maintain regular attendance, and sustain an ordinary routine.

    - complete a normal workday and workweek without interruption by symptoms and perform at a consistent pace without an unreasonable number and length of rest periods.

    - stand, sit upright, and or concentrate for more than three to four hours on relatively good days. (I have had an average of about 10-12 good days per month for the last 12 months)

    - walk consecutively for more than 15-20 min. on good days

    - walk consecutively for more than a few min. on bad days.

    - drive far distances such as 50 miles or more on good days.

    - drive at all on bad days.

    - lift and or carry heavy objects such as gallons of water or bags of groceries on bad days.

    - see clearly for short moments from dizzy spells on both good and bad days.

    - perform cognitive tasks, such as things involving simple and detailed verbal and or literary instructions on bad days and frequently on good days.

    - focus and concentrate, limiting my ability to read for more than a half hour to an hour on a good day, and no more than a few min. on a bad day.

    - maintain attention and concentrate for extended periods of time.

    - to understand and remember simple and detailed instructions, work procedures, and conversations on bad days and frequently on good days.

    I hope we get more feedback from others that have more experience on the board. I will be posting later with what happened to me today too..

    Got to do 6th grade science homework right now!?.


  5. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    You're hired
    Can you start next week?
    I dont pay much...but I'll make it up in baked goods:)

    As always...thank you, love you bunches.
    Try a hot water bottle (moist heat, not dry heat), on your spasms.
  6. mezombie

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    I'm so happy to hear things are going better for you on the job accomodation front!

    As to depression, I would definitely not put that on anything (and that includes your STD paperwork) that your LTD company could end up seeing.

    A lot of people are denied if they include depression as the LTD company will argue it's not enough to keep one from working. Even if you're not denied, many LTD plans limit payments to two years for anything they consider a mental illness, including depression.

    Go with FM and any other physical diagnoses you have. The more Dxs, the better your chances of having your LTD claim approved.

    It's good of you to think ahead like this! Do you have a copy of your LTD plan? I mean, not just the pamphlet explaining it, but a copy of what's called the "Plan Document". Your HR office will know what that is. You have a right to both of these (the pamphlet/booklet and the plan document).

    I'm glad to hear you will have three months off to start your recovery.

    The Zombie

  7. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    uh, I dont think so
    you're in top form
    this is invaluable info
    thank you:)
  8. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi didoe,
    happy that things are working out for you with the STD and LTD--full pay is a great benefit, now you can focus on healing and getting things in order for other things like LTD.

    I have to agree with the zombie--do not mention depression as a cause for anything (enough people will be happy to do that for you!) but focus on your physical symptoms of cfs/fm, especially as compared to the CDC criteria.

    as a general rule, depression, exhaustion, etc. is a RESULT of this illness and not a cause, most policies state "limitations DUE TO mental disorders...." and so you have to prove that the physical caused the mental, and the physical was there first and caused the disability.

    Good luck--relax now and start to heal--L

  9. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    thank you. i dont know how, after 20 years of searching for a diagnosis and getting alot of them 'off topic' until last year, that i could say it was physical before mental, but i hear you...long road ahead

    as always thanks for your help:)
  10. Debra49659

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    Didoe....I wish I had something useful to add, but the info you received was excellent. Remember to make copies of everything for your personal records. Great news though...I am so happy that you are going to have some time to focus on you ;)

  11. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    thank you so much for all your support over the last few days
  12. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    in NYC
    as if things arent hot (& humid)enuf

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