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    Hi, I'm new but would like to make a suggestion regarding Dr. Tracy Baker's letter to Newsweek. (We can't assume the dr. is a he since Tracy can be either a male or female name.) The letter certainly has caused a stir but the responses, if any, should be constructive. This dr is listed as a member of and patients are referred to him/her by, the "Kansas Academy of Family Physicians." Their web site is at and it might be a good idea to bring the doctor's letter to their attention. Since the dr states that the "American College of Rheumatology approved diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia in 1990, ...was a mistake" perhaps we should also write to the Rheumatologists about Dr. Baker. The American Medical Association (of which he/she is a member) might also be interested since the Dr. is also a member of that group. If you go to the site, please read their mission statement, their purpose does not seem in agreement with Dr. Baker's attitudes and certainly since the dr feels we are not disabled and are wrongly receiving disability payments, I assume the dr. has never charged any Fibro patients for treatment nor prescribed medications for them since that would be unethical. Thanks for listening.
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    Dr. Baker is a he. I saw his picture in the internet.
    I emailed him and others have and also written to him via us mail.
    I doubt we can change his mind but we can speak up :)
    I will check out the site you mentioned.
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    Good Idea. Glad you are aboard. Thanks for being you!!!!

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