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    Did anyone else see this wonderful article? I almost cried when I read it, I've been waiting to hear that for so long.... I tore out the page and posted it on our bulletin board. After all our family and regular visitors read it, I'm going to carry it in my wallet. I don't think I could have been happier today if someone had given me a thousand dollars. This means there will be more doctors who believe in this - people are finally becoming educated!!
    If anyone else wants to see this, I'm sure Newsweek has some kind of web site where you can check it out. If not, please e-mail me so I can share it with you. Hope no one has posted about this yet, I didn't see anything like it, so I went ahead. Hugs, everyone!


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    Hi i would be very interested in reading it i have been trying to look up information to take with me to my doctor i have tried to look up the web site but am having no luck do you happen to know the web address? thanks kris