nexavir in california

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    I see there is a list of "good docs" but I am wondering if anyone has found a doc in California who has been prescribing it? I am on the Central Coast, between Santa Barbara and Monterey. It sounds like most of you are from near Michigan. Where are there docs who are using Nexavir? I had really great results with Kutapressin in the early 90s but finally had to go off because of the cost. I was actually back to work, etc, not exercise though. Where are those of you who have found docs who prescribe it?
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    prescribed it. She faxed it to the Village Compounding Pharmacy in Texas. Do a search for my Nexavir post or search the internet for the pharmacy.

    Find a doctor that will work with you. I brought the information to her, she read it, and thought it would be worth a try.