Nexavir (kutapressen) is working great for me

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    Hey everyone, just wanted to let everyone out there know that Nexavir is working great for me! I'd say I've improved 35 to 40% since starting around 3 weeks ago. I have not experienced any herx, nor side effects. I started injecting 1 ml daily, increasing to 2 ml daily after a week. It has given me the most dramatic improvement over anything else I've tried, and believe me after 24 years I've tried a lot. I'm able to be more active and exercise more with much less relapsing, and when I do collapse I turn around much much faster. Good health!
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    Hi, I would encourage you to find a more open-minded and up to date CFS doctor. There is plenty of data out there about Nexavir (formerly called Kutapressen) and its ability to inhibit replication of herpes viruses, which include EBV, CMV, and HHV-6. Go to the website and look under treatments, both traditional and experimental. Show your doctor this. It's backed up by hard science. I have had very uncooperative doctors in the past--most recently a highly-recommended immunologist in New York City who threw up his hands once the standard tests came back "normal." He does not believe the elevated IGG viral levels indicate active infection, even though many common CFS viruses live in the organs and are not necessarily detectable in the blood. He was a jerk. I found a new sympathetic, informed doctor who is making all the difference for me.
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    Maria 7,

    I live in NYC also. Just curious - who is your doctor?

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    Thanks for sharing the information. Please post as you continue with Nexavir so we know if you get sustained improvement.

    I was on weekly injections of hepapressin and regrettably did not experience improvement.

    I am also interested in what doctor you are seeing since I am in the tri state area.

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    Could you provide an update on how you are doing on Nexavir?


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    I hope to start the transdermal cream next weak. I hope it works for me as well as it did Maria.

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    I'm really looking forward to hearing about your trial. I'm still thinking that the Nexavir might be useful for me, but I'd like to hear some more feedback.

    Good luck.

    Best, Lisa

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    and thanks for sharing.
    i was wondering about the creme, since Dr.Meirleir is prescribing it and i will see him soon?

    keep us updated
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    I know I read it somewhere, but I don't remember. What is it? Is it an antiviral?
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    Nexavir transdermal gel (used to be an injectible form) is the "most potent antiviral agent available and killed all the herpes viruses in vitro" according to Dr. Cheney as presented on his DVD. It used to be a bovine product, but now is made from pork livers.

    I posted information previously. Just do a search for Nexavir above. It is by prescription only, and some CFS docs use it in their protocol. (Dr. Guyer, Dr. Conley, Dr. Cheney, etc.)

    It has something to do with peptides. Pigs are more susceptible to similar human diseases than cows. Nexavir transdermal gel is supposed to be more potent than the injectible kutapressin. It is rubbed into the skin where it is absorbed into the fat tissues. It delivers the medicine 24/7 which gives the viruses a decent punch. It is applied daily.

    Available in 3 strengths, it is very expensive. Insurance may or may not cover it. I'll let you know if mine does. But in any case, I think it worth a shot (or gel).

    The gal at Village Compounding Pharmacy in Texas said patients can usually tell if it's going to work after a month. The gel dose can be adjusted, too, if it works too fast. She was vague about any side effects.

    I ordered the smallest dose for 30 days, and that will cost me over $200 including overnight shipping. The highest dose is $500.

    Nexavir gel can really help CFS viral issues. However, it loses its effectiveness over time. Regular antiviral medicines also lose their effectiveness over time.

    Kutapressin and Nexavir injectibles aren't popular because not many people like to give themselves shots. It is also expensive.

    However, if this can get me through this relapse and back to work, a little expense is worth it. This is my last hope. If this doesn't work, I just have to ride this out.

    I'll be sure to post my experience. It doesn't appear that too many people on this board have tried the Nexavir gel. Dr. Cheney said that he gets 20-80% improvement with a combination of Nexavir gel and Hawthorn (leaf and flower.) They both work best together.

    I've decided to follow Dr. Cheney's and Dr. DeMeirlier's protocols or a combination, thereof. I think they probably are two of the brightest researchers and thinkers in CFS. They seem to feel that metal toxicity/pesticides and viruses combined contribute to CFS.

    Interestingly, Dr. Cheney does not treat the thyroid. He feels the thyroid will go back online when the cause is fixed. I digress...

    Jolie: You can bypass your own physician and have your husband prescribe it. Look up the Village Compounding Pharmacy and do the search on Nexavir. Kutapressin has been used for 50 years so there's a backgound on it. It had been discontinued for a few years, but I think that was a bovine source.

    My CFS doc does not like to prescribe antivirals (Valtrex, Famvir, etc.) because they are too toxic. This is the alternative.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thank you so much that was very helpful.
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    this is very encouragin news. I'm bumping for others who may have missed this.

    best wishes to you for continued good health.

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    thanks for all the information and keep us updated about your try.
    this is the only thing i will try chemical, since all the oher stuff is to toxic for me and i also dont believe that treating only the infections will solve the WHOLE issue.(if at all???)

    any how
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