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    Could you please post what you are paying for Nexavir and if your insurance is paying for it.

    I am paying $135.00 for 20ml vial from a compounding pharmacy in Houston.

    Wondering if I could get it cheaper directly from Nexco.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Don't seem to be many Nexvir users here. I took Kutapressin which is the old name for Nexvir. I took it for 16 years. We had a variety of insurance companies over the 16 years. A few would pay for it, a few would not. Some put in under the "durable medical equiptment" which meant they would pay a percentage after a deductible.

    I am now taking Immune Transfer C which targets the same viruses as Nexvir. It is sold at this site. It actually helps me more than Kuta. But not everyone has the same results. It costs about $150 for 30 capsules.

    Our body's immune system is suppose to develop3 "memory" through transfer factor. I have been taking it for a year and I am going to try taking it one week out of the month. Mikie takes 2 capsules every 6 weeks and does well that way.

    Hope this is of help. If you write me, put my name in at the title so when I do a search I can find it!



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