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    I just listened to Dr. Cheney's Sept 2006 DVD. That is, I listened to the treatment section. Does anyone here take Nexavir? Dr.Cheney says that it eliminates all herpes viruses. If I remember it is because it increases Glutathione which does not allow viruses to replicate.
    Of course he also has other treatments he uses along with it like magnesium, taurine, coQ10, sylmarin, b12, selenium,zinc, omega 3's and others. He likes D ribose but he says it doens't work for everyone. Anyhow, if anyone has listend to the tape I would like opinions.
    Some of it was pretty scary like about the PFo's. They can cause mini strokes. Jess
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    You might want to put this in caps and add something to get more response. People might think this is a private message to another member.

    Take care
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    hi yes, i have been taking nexavir injections since march. i do think it is helping me. i also do b-12 injections and supplements.
    good luck
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    If Nexavir eliminates ALL herpes viruses, then it is compounded differently than Kutapressin. I took Kutapressin about 16 years and, while it kept me from being homebound, my EBV Titers were still very high.

    I know that Kutapressin _kills_ EBV and CMV. So, I have no idea as to why my titers didn't go down. The tests were done by Labcorp and ordered by a highly respected Infectious Disease doc.

    I know this doesn't help you but it is all I know.

    What is a PFo, I haven't heard of that term?



    PS Dr. Enlander documented that Kutapressin was more effective with B-12. I stumbled across that myself. Since I was taking both injections, I started taking them at the same time. Did think that it worked better together.[This Message was Edited on 11/26/2006]
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    I agree that some of the lecture was pretty scary!

    I'm taking many of the supplements he recommends. I'd like to try the hawthorn and the Nexavir.

    It's hard to find hawthorn leaves and flowers without the berries. He didn't explain why he doesn't recommend taking the berries. I wish ProHealth would make a hawthorn supplement for us.

    I'm trying to understand why he recommends such high doses of B-12.

    Love, Forbearance
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    Okay, now I see that Nexavir is just a new name for the same supplement Dr. C. has been prescribing for years. However, I've never tried it.

    Now that it comes in a gel instead of an injection, it's a lot more appealing. Plus, it would be easier to try a tiny amount to see if I have a bad reaction to it.

    A PFO is a hole in the heart. I got the impression that if you have a severe enough case of CFS, you have a hole in your heart.

    Love, Forebearance
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    You know what else is bugging me about that lecture? Dr. C. said he was trying to cure the actual cause of CFS, instead of just treating the symptoms.

    But is he getting to the real cause of CFS, or just to a deeper, more fundamental set of symptoms? It seems like he's treating the symptoms that cause all the other symptoms.

    We still don't know the actual cause of CFS, do we? Although signs certainly point to a virus. But is the virus still active in the body, or did it set off a chain of events and then leave?

    I am puzzled. I wish this thread had a more eye-catching title, because it would be nice to compare thoughts with others who have seen the DVD!
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    I did watch the DVDs......and appreciate Dr. Cheney's insight very much.

    I don't believe he meant CFS=Diastolic Dysfunction of the Heart. Instead, he mentioned that in his practice, a great percentage of his patients have this heart condition, which is in very serious stage called/caused 'heart failure'...and most our other symptoms are actually our body's defanse machnism to keep us from dying.

    I've done some looking up online regarding NEXAVIR, it is actually the new version of Kutapressin. Many doctors have used it for CFIDS even in the early years. It treats herpe family viruses, mainly: HHV-6.

    I've had CFIDS since mid-93....4 yrs ago, I had full blown Addison Crises, and my recent ECHO has confirmed that I do have this Diastolic Dysfunction ........I'm sure it has worsened overtime, since my 2001 heart test also revealed I had borderline Ischemia.

    Dr. Cheney's explanation only echoed my disease process of 13 yrs.

    With brain is very difficult to digest every little details in his DVD for me. I intend to go over it again, and again; so I can have a much more intelligent discussion with my doctor.

    Happy Holidays,

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    Hi, Jazzie!

    Thank you so much for your thoughts about the DVDs!!

    I am currently watching them for the third time, and I get more out of them each time. The medical vocabulary he uses is over my head much of the time.

    Oh, I did get the impression that he meant that CFS = diastolic dysfunction. And I thought he also meant that only the more severe cases of CFS develop a hole in the heart.

    I was impressed with how accurately what he described fit my experience. I think I'm just now starting to get into the stage where the heart problems are causing me the most limitation. I really appreciate his insight, too.

    Happy Holidays to you, too!
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    How's Christmas?

    This dvd set is much easier to understand comparing to Dr. Cheney's seminar last year. My alien brain really found it hard to process.

    I think, even though we all fall under the hat of 'CFIDS', each body response in much different manner......same goes with same medicine effect each of us differently. You think?

    So good to have someone who is in the same area of interest as far as Dr. Cheney's theory goes.


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    Dear Jazzie,

    Your alien brain! lol!

    Yeah, it does seem like we all respond to medicines and illness differently. I have believed for a long time that CFS brings out any inherent weaknesses we have in our bodies. Anything we may be susceptible to, I mean.

    Like, anyone who is susceptible to becoming hypothyroid seems to develop that as a result of CFS. Or the way I need tons of calcium now, and osteoporosis runs in my family.

    Hugs back!
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    I watched the entire DVD set today. Very provocative. I probably need to rewatch it.

    It does explain some of my symptoms very well.

    Basically, this is an outline:

    Cheney says that CFIDS is an energy deficit due to heart diastolic dysfunction which causes low cardiac output. The adrenal glands compensate by increasing adrenaline and/or lowering the metabolic rate by reduction in thyroid hormones. However, he does not believe in giving thyroid hormones because the problem is not with the thyroid. You need to treat the underlying problem (cardiac output) and the thyroid will come back to life.

    Cheney does not believe in going after one or more viruses. He said he had been a "virus hunter" for 5 years, but found it was better to help the body go after the viruses. Nexavir (available in gel form and applied on the skin) will raise energy and/or raise enzymes level which increase glutatione levels. Viruses cannot replicate in intercellular glutathione. According to Cheney, Nexavir is the most powerful antiviral and increases energy for the heart.

    Nexavir and Hawthorn (just the leaf and flower) work together the best. D-Ribose 1-2 scoops twice a day is also recommended, although 1/3 will not benefit and will find their body cannot process the D-Ribose, in which case it becomes toxic.

    Cheney is opposed to using NAC to raise glutathione. It can release heavy metalsand mercury too quickly and can be dangerous.

    Chaney is opposed to receiving glutathion injections which can build up oxidized levels and then release heavy metals.

    CFS lesions on the brain are perhaps ministrokes and account for our disorientation. This problem actually originates in the heart of what he calls PFO's. (I'll have to rewatch the video to describe what they are)

    Hawthorn Leaf and Flower (not the berries) has tested positive in clinical trials. It is cardioprotective and cardio tonic. It protects against ischmic induced arythmias, helps cardio workload, improves fatigue, and increases long term survival. It is a heavy metal chelate.

    Things Cheney recommends:
    Klonopin - low dose
    B-12 IM hydroxycabalamin
    Omega 3 fatty acids
    Garlic or chlorella
    CoQ 10 (although some people can't tolerate it)

    Magnesium in a cream form. Gives energy for an hour.

    Anything else, ladies, you want to add?


    DVD can be ordered for a nominal fee at[This Message was Edited on 12/31/2006]
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