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  1. malgal

    malgal Member

    i haven't heard much here about Nexavir lately. anyone using it? anyone having side effects and/ or improvements?
    i have been on it for a year and 1/2 and am wondering if that is what is causing my severe migraine headaches.
    i thought Nexavir might be giving me a little more energy but i've been altering the recommended dose so am probably not getting a consistant response. but, i am hesitant to go off it completely.
    it hasn't imroved my ebv titers and am surprised and disappointed about that.

    hearing about others' experiences with nexavir would be appreciated! thanks.

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  2. JaneInMelbourne

    JaneInMelbourne New Member

    I've been on Nexavir for 7 months now - 2 ml injections daily. I have some benefits from it - improved sleep quality, less brainfog and better cognitive functioning, more able to handle stress and I'm able to handle chemicals just a bit better. I haven't had improvements in other symptoms such as muscle weakness and various other sensitivities. As far as antibody titres go - EBV titres are still high, but mycoplasma titres have gone down. I've just started Valtrex to help with EBV. I'm taking 2 grams a day at the moment.
  3. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    If its not a rude question, can I ask how much the nexavir costs? I did contact a supplier in NZ and when he got back to me with a price, I was shocked, it was way out of my league. But I have been on famvir 250mg twice a day for about 7 months and have had good improvement and my elevated lymphocytes have come down. You did well to find a place that measured your ebv antibody titre levels in australia(Im in Bris). I could only get tests that said positive or negative and i had a few tests that showed both. The lymphocyte subset test has been a good measuring stick for me.

    Immunovir maybe another antiviral/immune stimulant that may also be of interest to you.

    Good luck.
  4. malgal

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    thanks for replies.
    yes, it IS very expensive! not sure exactly how much it is as my insurance covers a big chunk of it. without insurance, i couldn't afford it.
    try going to the nexcopharma site. they have their preferred pharmacy linked there and i think that's as cheap as you will find it.
    i will check into immunovir, thanks! however, am nervous about anything that's an immune stimulant as i have lupus. nexavir is supposedly an 'immune modulator", i believe.

    i am surprised there aren't more people on nexavir. maybe it's primarily the high cost that prevents many from trying it. that's a shame.
    i recently read that people with cancer are using it. possibly for the anti-inflammatory effects.?

    i am not receiving email notification of replies to my posts. anyone know why?
  5. malgal

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  7. FB12

    FB12 New Member

    Just wondering what private health insurance provider you are with that they cover nexavir.

  8. malgal

    malgal Member

    sorry, FB... i never got email notification of replies. does prohealth no longer provide that? i do not check this board often
    anyway, i had humana and they stopped covering nexavir this year---bummer!
    but, i no longer need to take as much of the drug so i can afford it (barely), out of pocket.

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