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    wacquiebob New Member

    Has anyone had success with it?
  2. kbak

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    No haven't tried it. It's very hard to get since it's made in Mexico, and they always seem to be running a shortage. There's only one or two pharmacies that carry it. The people that have tried it don't seem to have any big success with it.

    If it was a real sucess I quarentee people would be raving about it. When it first came out I was interested in it but read the fine print that the company put out on it, and it said that they had not had long term animal or human studies on it. I wasn't up to being a guinea pig .I'm more interested in what Ampligan (sp?) is going to do. Supossedly FDA is doing trials on it right now.

    Take Care,
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    For 16 years I and a friend took the Kutapressin. It helped me leave the house
    more. It helped by friend go to work.

    The Nexavir, I have not tried since Transfer Factors help me more that kuta.

    My friend used the Nexavir and it did not help like the kutapressin. She never
    returned to work.

    But each person's immune system is different. That said. I agree with the other
    poster, if it were working wonders, we would hear more about it.

    I believe that autistic children use it and that may account with the depletion of

    Kutapressis targeted EBV and HHV6. Prohealth sells the tranfer factors that
    target both of these pathogens. They will not print the information about them.
    ProHealth asks that you call them for that info. Their 800 # is at the bottom of the screen in the blue.

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    i have posted several responses in the past regarding nexavir. please do a search and read HOW i took it so it worked well for me.
    though i am not back to work, it has gotten me off the couch and has been a HUGE god-send! it IS expensive and part-d medicare has taken it off most of the formularies. however, i do not take the full recommended dose at this point and it's worth every penny, especially after the money i've spent on treatments, supplements, etc. that did not work.
    i live in fear that they will take it off the market again; as they did with kutapressin.
    i have spoken with the manufacturer at nexcopharma and he really seems to have his heart in the right place. he is a very kind man who wanted to help his physician friends and patients who were heartbroken when kutapressin was no longer being produced.
    all the best!

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  5. spacee

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    I thought I would post about why Kutapressin was taken off the market.
    It was after 9/11 and there was a recession. A small business that supplied
    Schwartz Pharma (I think that is correct), went out of business. So, the
    drug was stopped being made.

    Because of the outcry by the autistic children's parents (they have every)
    and some of CFSers to the Congress, Nexcopharma resumed making it
    and put a gel form for the children or anyone else who hates shots.

    Again, I know what it is like to be so ill and have something work. Words
    just can't describe.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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