Next rheum. visit..lab work to check Vit. D level?

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    I have been in such a bad flare up that I had my follow up visit with the rheum. doc over the phone.
    Good Lupus (although wants to do lab work over again in 6 months)...bad news, as always "severe fibro."

    Question....along with the lab work in 6 months, he mentioned that he wanted to check my Vit. D level. He mentioned this as I was going down my list of being should I be taking any supplements other than the multi vit and B complex.

    This doc is so French that he is hard to understand and since over the phone didn't follow up on the vit. D comment. Just wondering if anyone has a clue?

    Thanks and hope you are all having a good day,
  2. Crickie

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    Hey there,
    Thanks for writing back! I can understand why you would be vit. D def. and I wasn't aware that the "lack of" could cause bone and joint pain....interesting!
    I imagine you do have to have blood work done to check your can overdose on vit. A, D, E, and K. Once again fibro = out of whack huh?!
    Will do a Google search when feeling up to being frustrated....this is one more perk to this support group - not only do you have understanding, but you also get a lot of great info without having to search, and search, and search!
    Take care and hope you are having a good weekend ~
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