Next stop! Neurologist and pain clinic...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. tandy

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    I had a terrible appointment with my Rhuemy today!!!
    She was starting to write me another script for the same ole darvecets I've been on for yrs(and they don't work at all for me!)When I asked her about getting something stronger than that for my pain of both the Fibro and my Endometriosis..... She began to tear up the script and said"if you need something stronger than this than I'm sending you to a pain clinic!" (I wanted to cry because how dare she treat me that way!! i've been with her for 4 yrs!! its not like I'm a new patient seeking drugs for nothing!!) So I left with nothing for pain...NOTHING! and she will set me up with an appointment with a pain Dr.
    And she wants me to see a Neurologist. How many have had to see one of these Drs?? and why?? I don't know guys,this visit has left me angry at her...and stressed because why is she referring me out?? I mean should I be happy?? I just feel abandoned and sh** on! I sure hope pain clinics are better help than my Rhuemy!! I am ticked!
    Why the Neuro? I will add that my sed rate is up again.....46. Would endometriosis cause a high sed??anyone?
    I just wanna crawl under the sheets~ Thanks for any help you can offer~ :)
  2. kmelodyg

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    I am so sorry that she treated you like that. I would definatly take the new referrals and go to them. Get away from that bi***!!!! You don't need that!!! Warning though, if it takes a while to get into a pain clinic, call your dr.'s office as much as it takes. Keep saying that you NEED A NEW SCRIPT, RIGHT NOW!!!!! And make sure to emphasize that the Darvocet DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE!!!!! Don't worry about being a nag. She asked for it!!!! You as a patient with chronic pain, by law, deserve to be treated adequatly for your pain. If she gives you a hard time, bring up that topic and see if that helps. If she refuses, she is doing what's called, MALPRACTICE!!!! What it comes down to, is that you NEED A NEW DOCTOR!!! Remember, my offer still stands, and my new doc is still accepting new patients!!! Good luck honey, and don't take any sh**!!!!! Keep me posted!

  3. Shirl

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    Could be she realizes that she can't do anything else for you.

    Referring you to other doctors maybe a big benefit for you.

    Let us know how it works out for you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. tandy

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    Kathryn.......your offer is looking better&better!!! can you believe the nerve?! I am just besides myself!! I thought she was rude and judgemental!!! I felt like a drug seeker.....thats the way she made me feel!! (far from true!!!) So,,for now I guess otc neds will have to do.So basically I will be having quite painful days ahead~
    I will e-mail you tomorrow...after some rest.
    Has anyone gone to a neuro dr.?
    Thanks again :)
  5. Annette2

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    I know you're not feeling well, but try to look at it differently. Of course I wasn't there and didn't see her face, but perhaps she honestly can't do any more for you. When I go to my family doctor, he does the best he can and then he'll refer me out. I went to him last month more than once complaining about sleep problems. Finally, after my last call, he set up at appt. for me with a Sleep Specialist. I was happy. He's honest with me and will tell me if something is beyond him. He's done this more than once. I respect him for that. My rheumy has done that too. When I had problems with my hands, she finally sent me to the Hand Center here in town. I'd rather see a specialist in a specific field than keep going to a doctor who admittedly doesn't have the expertise to help me. Try to calm down and look at it in a more positive way.